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Palpitations when pregnant - anyone else had something like this?

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Weegle Tue 18-Aug-09 18:52:34

I'm nearly 18 weeks with twins. Second pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago I had 50 min of palpitations with my heart rate of over 200, then another few hours of it being 110, then it calmed down and I felt normal again. I got seen urgently (obviously!) and was referred for an ECG and thyroid tests. Thyroid tests have come back normal, I have the ECG with me now to take to the GP which is happening tomorrow. I felt fine during the ECG but they didn't say anything about it, said the GP would talk to me. But over the last few weeks since the main episode I've now had more weird sensations in my heart, and now they are happening several times a day for anything from seconds to 10-15 minutes. DH (trained first aider) just took my pulse and it's 120 - that's quite high right? I'm starting to get really worried something is really wrong! I know I need to just wait until tomorrow when I see the GP but just wondered if anyone else had had something similar and what it turned out to be?

llareggub Tue 18-Aug-09 18:57:18

I had this.

Stop worrying, I know it is hard.

My GP (and several others) told me that it can happen in pregnancy. Someone also suggested that it may be caused by an iron deficiency, which I also had.

I was referred to a cardiologist for a check-up after I gave birth and he wasn't concerned at all.

My palpitations turned out to be an irregularity with the heart beating, which is fairly common. THey explained that it can be felt more easily in pregnancy and is therefore more noticeable.

It really scared me, but try not to panic as it makes the palpitations worse. I eventually noticed that triggers for me were being tired, drinking too much tea and not eating regularly.

I had gestational diabetes so saw my consultant regularly and she was not concerned at all about them. Neither was the GP, but makes sense to get checked out anyway.

llareggub Tue 18-Aug-09 18:58:07

Congrats by the way. Twins! How exciting!

Weegle Tue 18-Aug-09 19:05:03

thank you smile

that follows - I'd been wondering if I was going mad but I'm sure there's a link to being hungry, and then also after eating. And I'm very tired today.

DH is concerned it might be diabetes, so will mention to the GP tomorrow, but I know there's no real point in worrying. I don't normally worry about health things either (am and expert!) but for some reason heart = worry to me!

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