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Stomach bug or pre labour sign?

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YanknCock Tue 18-Aug-09 00:01:31

38+6 today, and have thrown up three times today.

Early morning was just vomming acid from heartburn. I had breakfast, went to the hospital for my BP monitoring, and then lost the Rice Krispies in projectile fashion in the carpark.

Felt better afterward, was hungry, and had some McDonald's fries and a shake at 10:30am (my cure of choice earlier in pregnancy for morning sickness). That stayed down.

Went home, slept most of the afternoon and woke up ravenous. Ate some cream crackers with Lurpak around 4:30pm. Lost them (projectile fashion again) around 8:30pm.

Ravenous again at 10pm, so had a PB sandwich and glass of milk (another one of the few items that stayed down with morning sickness). Getting some stomach cramps. . .

I don't think I have food poisoning or anything, can't think of anything I've had in the last few days that was suspect. So do I have a stomach bug or could this be some sort of sign that labour will start soon? (Am really hoping for the latter!)

thesecondcoming Tue 18-Aug-09 00:35:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YanknCock Tue 18-Aug-09 12:50:30

Nothing has happened since last night, just some crampy stomach pains. Afraid to eat. Bumping for more opinions from the daytime crowd. . .

merryberry Tue 18-Aug-09 13:04:27

ha, i just left FB, here y'are again

treat as if a bug for now...liquids, light foods...if you get hungry try some lower fat food and see what happens? soup? pregnancy is weird. hope you're enduring ok. it's a tedious fecking endgame, don't envy you BP hosp trips!

funny thing was with ds2, was after upchucking and not eating much in one go for a few days, just before it really started, i ordered and ate an entire stuffed crust pizza. craving out of the blue. ate it so fast. gues body knew it needed energy.

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