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itching old c section scar (inside?)

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tink08 Mon 17-Aug-09 18:22:52

I had a c section 6 years ago with dd1 and i'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with dd2 and my stomach is itchy but its not on the outside its like just below my belly button on the inside if that makes sense ?
Its impossible to itch and gets worse at night .... maybe because tummy is fuller with eating etc ? hmm
Was just wondering if it is my old scar itching and if anyone else has experienced this ?

maybebaby23 Tue 18-Aug-09 08:44:24

I had my section 3.5 years ago and now 21 weeks with DD2. I often feel itching around my scar and can't scratch it because the area that itches is numb!! So that must be internal? I think its just scar tissue stretching.

mummytopebs Tue 18-Aug-09 16:57:34

I am 17 weeks and my scar has been really itchy and especially numb and pulling at one side, midwife said at this stage it is ok as long as not bleeding or discharge x

Out of interest you ladies who have had sections before are you having another or going to try vbac? I am stressing out trying to decide

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