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Office chairs whilst pregnant

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Ciara11 Mon 17-Aug-09 13:04:40

Im now 19+6 weeks and am struggling to sit comfortably at work. Im at a desk for a large chunk of the day and being small (im 5ft 2") i have to use a foot rest.
However the chair i have at the moment, is just a standard office chair, 5 spoke wheels etc, and i now cant get the chair close enough to use footrest unless i sit on edge and then i get backache.

Has anyone found a more comfortable chair ie has anyone tried the kneeling chair or can recommend anything that will help me so i can stop having a backache and will be able to still reach desk and computer as i get bigger.

Thanks in advance

cassell Mon 17-Aug-09 13:11:39

have you had a risk assessment done at work? if not (or if your needs have changed since the last one) ask for one to be done and they should be able to suggest improvements to help (e.g. different footrest/additional back support/different layout of desk so you can reach/new chair etc) and then get them for you - your employer is obliged to do this as you're pg

scarlotti Mon 17-Aug-09 15:54:04

Ciara - does the seat of your chair tilt at all? I'm about the same height as you and also have a footrest - although mine is now on top of a box as my feet swell during the day. I now sit with the front of my chair tilted downwards so that I'm not at 90 degrees, much more room for bump. I've had to bring my keyboard to the edge of the desk as the box/footrest combo means my feet now hit the back of the desk, but it seems to work ok.

Your risk assessment will show what things you will need - there are all sorts, desk extenders etc. Make sure you get what you need.

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