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No weight gain but tummy growing

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VanillaIce Mon 17-Aug-09 12:46:43

Can anyone explain why the scales don't show any overall weight increase (I have only re-gained the 3lbs I lost during my first trimester due to MS) and yet my tummy is definitely swollen and feels bigger. I am just over 15 weeks now. Is my body redistributing weight from elsewhere? Nicking it from my bum perhaps grin

Glynnispig Mon 17-Aug-09 13:06:15

Hi VanillaIce, I cant explain it but I am the same! I am 14 weeks and I dont think I have put any weight on but definately have a little bump!! I was starting to wonder whether this was normal!

mejon Mon 17-Aug-09 13:08:41

I didn't put on any weight for some time - but then I was overweight when I became pregnant (and continue to be so 3 years later but that's another story blush). I think my fat did redistribute itself - I'm sure my thighs looked slimmer for a start! If you are worried though, speak to your MW. Mine suggested that the lack of weight-gain may be due to me not being up early enough to eat breakfast - I wasn't working when I was pg and used to have very long lie-ins (knowing it'd be years before I got another one!) so tended not to eat until lunchtime which was too long to go without eating anything.

VanillaIce Mon 17-Aug-09 13:18:37

Yes, from what I have seen on the web, sometime if people are a bit overweight they seem to gain less at thr start. However, I am a normal weight and height - 5ft 6" and 9st 4lbs.

I am eating better than I was during my MS phase (which I am only just emerging from) but still not eating more than 2000 cals a day - are you supposed to be eating extra in a bid to gain weight at this stage?

What would happen if you stuck to 2000 cals throughout the whole pregnancy I wonder? Would your baby be ok? Would you still get a bump but have tiny thighs and bum????

mejon Mon 17-Aug-09 13:42:38

I believe we're no longer encouraged to 'eat for two'. From what I can remember, I think its recommended that women eat an extra 200-ish calories a day during the 3rd trimester only. Check with your MW though as I may have made that up!

Issy42 Mon 17-Aug-09 14:07:30

I'm the same. Only put on 1lb in first trimester and now at 18 weeks I've gained another 1lb but my belly has grown 4 inches and boobs an inch and a half. Asked mw about it last week and she said it's nothing to worry about.

bethoo Mon 17-Aug-09 14:13:55

if you are not eating extra (good thing) then you are using energy to grow a baby. you could have lost weight during the ms stage and have put the weight back on in the form of baby etc. remember it is not necessary fat stores that gain weight, the placenta is almostthe same weight as the baby and your boobs get bigger (as pointed out) and you produce several extra litres of blood too which all adds up. i think there is a baby web site somewhere which breaks it up for you. possibly babycentre. i was 62kg at start and then at 16 weeks i was 55kg.
eat healthily if possible to make sure you do not gain extra unneccesary fat.
you are also still early pregnancy and baby is still very small. i tended to get big after 30 weeks so dont worry you will gain a pound soon! smile

mogend77 Mon 17-Aug-09 14:50:48

I wasn't overweight this time - and like you I hardly but on any weight - until about 13 weeks. My tummy was sticking out in a rather pronounced way from before 9 weeks though! Just redistributing itself - weight gain's not actually that important in the early stages as I understand it - as long as baby is growing & you're not going hungry. Sounds like everything is fine. You'll probably start gaining as you get further into the 2nd trimester.

AngelaCarleen Mon 17-Aug-09 22:06:22

I've lost 6.5kg since I found out I am pregnant but have definately got bigger. Had to buy new bra's at six weeks and have been wearing 'fat' trousers since 9 weeks blush. I've no DH around to ask at the mo (and I can't see back there) but I am definately liking the idea that the fat is being redistributed from my bum grin!!!


VenusInfers Thu 20-Aug-09 21:19:22

Yup, I agree with everyone else. Pre-preg I weighed 10st and, despite eating healthily and when hungry, I had no overall weight gain until about 13 weeks and still had a lovely little bump and HUGE boobs. Rather enjoyed that bit of the pregnancy!

Since then I've gained almost exactly a pound a week, but still mostly going to the bump, thank goodness..

Miia Fri 21-Aug-09 06:59:02

I am 17 weeks and haven't even got back to my start weight yet, lost about 6-7lbs with morning sickness and now having trouble gaining it back - I eat when I am hungry and try not to eat rubbish so presumably it's all ok. I definitely have a tummy though although it is not huge, still easily hidden with loose clothes etc. I was actually thinking that maybe the scales should be dumped during the pregancy as as long as I am eating healthily and exercising the body should know itself how much it needs without me stressing about the extra weight.

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