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Wanted baby for so long......

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Tiaxx31 Mon 17-Aug-09 10:42:10

I have wanted another baby for so long, my husband & i tried for 4 years & everytime it was negative it would be really upsetting, i have a child already from previous relationship but i brought my son up on my own as the father & i just didn't get on. So pg on my own & bring my son up, hard but loved it. Anyway with trying so hard for a baby with my hubby it tore us apart in the end as we had tests & said everything was fine but then my parents died of cancer then my gran which i was close to all. I went away 2 grans funeral & knew things had to change between myself & hubby & i had feelings(strong) for some1 else. It broke us apart before new year & now i got with the man i loved, shocker!!! he moved in & unplanned i fell pg within 1 month of him living with me,. But the funny thing is i wanted a baby for so long & i am now 24+3 & feel baby move,kick,punch 7 have bought alot of stuff already, just can't sink in that i am fineally going to have a little baby.

Does/has any1 else been through same sort of thing?

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