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Obstetric Clinic appointment at 34 wks: why?!

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Catz Fri 14-Aug-09 15:23:50

I've just received an appointment for a consultant's obstetric clinic when I am 34 wks (am 24 now). I have no idea why and was wondering if anyone else had had one, what they do and why they see you. Will ask midwife when I see her but that is probably not for months!

It's my second baby, first was no probs save for long labour with ventouse/episiotomy but that was fine and I can't believe they see everyone with that history. BMI on the lower end of normal so no probs there. Baby was pretty huge on the 20 wk scan but no-one seemed to care but me... Had a couple of dizzy spells/visual problems but all OK, had a UTI... erm scraping the barrel now, I really am just a standard 2nd pg.

If anyone knows why they see people would love to know. Am hoping I haven't been classed as higher risk for any bizarre reason as that would scupper my chances of nice mw led centre.

Thanks for any advice/experience.

mogend77 Fri 14-Aug-09 16:24:32

They certainly shouldn't be changing you over to cons led/shared care without your agreement, let alone not letting you know why. I would ring midwife if I were you, ask why you have been referred (and why it was done without your knowledge) & tell her you will think about it and decide whether you are taking it up.

Ventouse alone is certainly not a reason for cons led care. I had ventouse last time & am having mw led care & planning a home birth.

difficultdecision Fri 14-Aug-09 18:56:06

are you resus negative?

28 and 34 weeks are when you have hospital appointments for anti-D in most areas- some only do 34 weeks.

Catz Fri 14-Aug-09 19:52:03

Thanks for your replies.
No not resus negative, I really thought I was pretty much the standard uncomplicated 2nd timer.
Mogend - I'm sure you're right and instrumental delivery can't equal automatic consultant appointment, about three quarters of people would be seeing a consultant in my area if that was the case!
I'm wondering whether it might be something to do with size. At 20 wk scan was above the 97th percentile on several measurements. Mw was very dismissive and just said they grew at different rates and wouldn't be a problem but I'm wondering whether the hosp might want to see people with large measurements.
Hmm. Will try and talk to mw otherwise I will worry for 10 wks.

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