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Pregnant and can't stop eating

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Gangle Fri 14-Aug-09 14:17:59

I'm around 8 weeks (I think, no EDD, awaiting dating scan) and can't stop stuffing my face. So far have eaten a large bagel, butter and marmite and an apple plus large skinny decaf latte for breakfast, veggie sushi, miso soup, an apple, nectarine and a KitKat chunky for lunch and STILL hungry. Have already gained 4/5lbs and all my clothes feel tight but just feel a compulsion to stuff myself. I only gained 1 1/2 stones with DS in total so freaking out a bit, although my starting weight is about half a stone lower than when I got pregnant with DS. Is anyone else piling it on at the rate of knots?

mogend77 Fri 14-Aug-09 16:26:45

You need to eat lots in the first trimester ime just to get through it! It sounds completely normal to me & what's more it doesn't sound like an awful lot of food - plus it's all good stuff (apart from the Kit Kat - I'll overloook that if you overlook my jam on toast & hot chocolate!.

Listen to your body!

fiziwizzle Fri 14-Aug-09 17:02:02

Yes - 14+5 and I just can't stop eating - sadly not as healthy as you Gangle, I'm mainly chocolate and cakes sad I'm gaining about a pound a week which I'm sure is far too fast for this stage. Every day, I tell myself I'll stop...

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