Anyone suffered from Diastasis Symphysis Pubis Pain

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whimsy Thu 26-May-05 17:14:10

Went to see midwife today and explained i was having stabbing pains quite low down, she gave me a leaflet on Diastasis Symphysis Pubis Pain and sent me on my way.
Has anyone suffered from this and have any useful tips for me that will make these last weeks bearable

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Flumpette Fri 27-May-05 08:21:26

Have you got a birthing ball? I bought one from Argos for £9.99 and it was the only relief I got when I was heavily pregnant. It's so wonderful to sit on.

Be really careful when you give birth as my sister had this condition and they had her legs akimbo on her back which was the worse position she could have been in. I think she said being on all fours and upright was better so that no long lasting damage was done.

Worth really researching as you'd think midwife would know better but from my experience too, they don't always get it right.

Don't want to worry you, but to be informed means so much on the day for you and DH to get what you think is best for you.

whimsy Fri 27-May-05 08:50:15

Thanks, will send Dh out to get a ball and will start doing research so we are prepared. I can't believe how painful it is esearch

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whimsy Fri 27-May-05 08:50:54

esearch ??? not sure what that means

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Hausfrau Fri 27-May-05 09:10:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 09:23:17

I second the birthing ball (exercise ball from Argos too). I used to sit in front of the TV bouncing away..... wonder what the neighbours thought!

I still suffer from aches and pains now and my dd is nearly 10mths old!

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 27-May-05 09:41:23

I bought a long sausage shaped cushion - about 5 ft long (made by the people who make the grobag sleeping bags for babies).

I was unable to sit upright, so would lie on the sofa, with this tucked between my legs for support. I also used it at night for sleeping, tucked between my legs too.

I was referred to a physio - my midwife dismissed it as nothing to worry about, even though I couldn't walk! When I went for a hospital appointment, it was diagnosed immediately and I had a quick referral to the physio and was given crutches for the rest of the pregnancy.

If it gets really bad, ask for a physio referral.


Hausfrau Fri 27-May-05 10:24:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 27-May-05 11:05:00

rofl hausefrau - I still have to use my sausage cushion in bed 2 years on - it goes everywhere with me, on holiday etc, nothing else will do, I can't sleep without it.

Dh says if we ever divorce he'll be citing the cushion in the divorce papers !

whimsy Fri 27-May-05 12:37:28

Thanks for all the advice, my sister has been to Argos for me and got me a ball, looks great fun (wait until ds 2, tries to kick it from underneath me )
Thanks for the advice, Dh got me a sausage cushion, although he's not jealous of it yet!

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Toothache Fri 27-May-05 12:38:21

Whimsy - Have you got a pump for it???

whimsy Fri 27-May-05 12:52:58

No, can you use a footpump?

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006 Fri 27-May-05 12:53:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 12:55:42

Whimsy - Yes you can as long as it has the right nozzle thingy.... (sure there's a technical term).

How many weeks are you? I found it useful to get labour going to!! Get bouncing!!!

whimsy Fri 27-May-05 13:00:40

Im 33 weeks and it huts Do I just sit on it and bounce?

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Toothache Fri 27-May-05 13:08:39

Yeah, it takes alot of pressure off your tail bone. I also like to lean over it on my knees and watch TV.

mcmudda Fri 27-May-05 13:13:44

Yup me too - definitely get referred to a physio who will fit you with a support belt and give you exercises to do as well as advice for positions in labour. Pelvic floor exercises are even more vital if you have SPD to aid your recovery afterwards cos there's a small possibility it might linger on for a few months or so (longer in very rare cases).

I think the NCT has some good info on SPD on their site - my mum printed out a whole lot of stuff for me (she's an OT)

Good luck and do the absolute minimum of movement - this is a hormonal condition, not a back injury so the less mobile you are the better.

busyalexsmummy Fri 27-May-05 20:43:37

yup, im having physio referral at 20 weeks, have had since 12weeks(scarey, as i only had it from wk 32 with ds) im hoping its not going to get too bad, puffthemagicdragon-i have one of the grobag pillows, theyre great, havent started using it again with this pg, but it will be coming out its bag soon i can asure you!

aviatrix Sat 28-May-05 15:11:48

Message withdrawn

whimsy Sat 28-May-05 19:34:51

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to hospital next week so will see what they say. Saw midwife yesterday she told me to take paracetamol. Ball is wonderful though so soothing, im even sitting on it now

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JJ2ndTime Sat 06-Oct-07 04:41:18

Ok . . totally convinced about the ball so will be off to get one in a few hours! Heaven help Agos and the general population in the area if stocks are out!!!

On another note SPD related of course, I feel completely deflated as I cannot find any recommendations for safe exercising whilst having this condition and I mean burning exercises.

As an avid cyclist (min of 30miles per week) and previous gym member there was bearly a week that passed by without me burning away the cals AND YES I KNOW preganancy is not a time to think about calorie burning BUT my exercise routine was a very good way of releasing stress and keeping generally well


Pixiefish Sat 06-Oct-07 08:04:10

I'm 35 ish weeks and have just started with it int he last week. Am in agony. I hae n excercise ball so shall try that later

JJ2ndTime Sat 06-Oct-07 13:53:23

Hey pixiefish . . . .I was expecting and have been warned that agony is on the way in last trimester. I keep telling myself that if others have got through it then I will . . . . hope you get some releif with the ball, I still need to get off my butt and go get mine. .....mmmmmm wonder if Argos do home delivery? :-)JJ

didsnbump Sat 06-Oct-07 14:11:16

Hi all,

I have suffered with what i would say is lower back pain since about 12 weeks, but just put it down to pregnancy norm!

Im now 26 weeks and over the last 7 weeks have found that if i have been on my feet to long my back aches, so i rest, but when i get up again later i struggle to walk as i cant put any pressure on my right leg. Also now finding sometimes at night its uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to turn over in bed. I havent asked my mw about this yet as it always seems to pass quite quickly. Could this be SPD????

JJ2ndTime Sat 06-Oct-07 14:24:04

Sure could be didsnbump! I'd get the opinion of a qualified midwife / doctor though. To be honest they tend to diagnose this condition reactively so it willreally be based on what you tell them you are feeling.

Best to know sooner rather than later though as untreated it woud only make for slower recovery later on . . . . .

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