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Baby Shower - I'm Confused

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KirstyAnn Thu 13-Aug-09 21:00:30

I'm a first time mum and my sisters and friends have decided to have a baby shower but I'm now getting lots of questions about what I want as presents. I didnt have a wedding list and I've saved all through my pregnancy to buy everything I need myself but I dont want to sound ungrateful either.

Any ideas / thoughts what to say? When Googling I found John Lewis has a Baby List which made me cringe.

Also - does anyone have any suggestions for favors or thank yous? No idea what would be seen as acceptable. I've had everything at weddings from almonds in a bag to small bottles of fizz and I have no idea what to do as I've never been to a baby shower!!!!

Thanks x

blithedance Thu 13-Aug-09 21:10:18

Lucky you but what a burden too!

Do you have to do favours? I'm sure thank you cards would be enough.

If the guests are mums already ask for something practical they know you will use (wipes, muslins, pushchair toy etc). If they are not mums ask for something like first story books or nursery rhyme CD, or babygro/vests in slightly bigger sizes (3-6mth say). If you can give a hint as to boy/girl that will help!

If I was going to a baby shower I'd buy those really good baby socks from Gap. They were great but more expensive than you'd choose.

shortie3 Thu 13-Aug-09 21:22:50


We have normally done a grand tea with champagne for those that can drink. Usually baby themed biscuits and decorated cakes and have the room decorated in baby shower party items. It is usually hosted at relation or friends house to save the mum-to-be any stress or preparation.

As for favours, I think this is american preference but have heard of small party bags as thank yous. How about looking at the Boots site which has a clearance site on their gifts so you can get nice beauty or bath gifts for £2-£3 each. I got a selection of gifts in this price range for my DS nursery staff for Xmas (it will be his last one there and I wanted to it at Xmas rather than when he left).

As for baby list, I had one and so did a few friends otherwise you end up with too many baby outifits which you have to end up taking back or re-gifting! We did for items that we did not immediately need but would eventually buy such as weaning equipment, mini blender, baby cookbooks, door bouncer, travel cot, bibs. Other friends has requested baby gyms, monitors etc. The baby list just allows you to specific the extact type you want. This is a godsend for people with no kids or little time since they don't have to think about what you want. It also means that your friends and family know that they are buying something useful which you wanted. It is similar to weddings, it means you get what you want. You also can setup your own list (checkout google) so you can link to specific items on different websites to give people guidance.

You could just tell your family the list and if friends ask when they talk about the baby shower, it could be mentioned by them so it need not come from you. HTH

KirstyAnn Thu 13-Aug-09 21:23:42

I dont know the sex yet, so will have to be yellow for presents.

The favors idea came from my mum who asked what I was going to be bringing for a thank you. I had no idea I had to bring anything apart from wine (for me to look at grin)

Nice idea about the Gap socks, but I have already bought packs from birth - 6 months I'm mega organised, think thats why its such a nightmare!!

Loving the idea of books and CDs, its something I would never have thought of buying for myself. I'll try to suggest that as a nice book, they should only cost a few pounds on Amazon.

lola0109 Sun 16-Aug-09 16:28:55

Kirsty ann,

My advice would be for your family to hint to people that vouchers would be appreciated, i know people don't like to give vouchers but they would be ideal since you don't know the sex. Then once baby comes along you can go mad on pink/blue stuff.

We decided not to know the sex, for DD1 and bought a lot of neutral stuff and at 6 months changed our mind and decided to find out the sex. We found out we were having a girl and then all the neutral stuff we had bought had seemed very boyish!

It would be a shame if people bought lots of neutral stuff that then never got used.

Also, in regards to the favours, I had my shower in my house but my sisters done all the prep so I just made a batch of cakes and brownies for people, i think people realise that you will be saving all your cash and a thank you card will be totally sufficient.

On another note, a few of the non mums didn't know what to buy me for baby so bought things I could use for afterwards, best present was vouchers for massage! Maybe a big hint for that ;)

Enjoy the shower!

angrypixie Sun 16-Aug-09 16:34:07

At work when a colleague has a baby we all give a copy of our favourite ever children's book and we make up a big 'first library' basket. I think it's a fab idea, not too expensive for anyone and a great gift for you that you'll enjoy with your dc for years.

ErikaMaye Sun 16-Aug-09 20:44:46

Thanks for the tips ladies, and KirstyAnn, please let me know how it goes, I'm being bullied into having one by the Godmother * grumbles * !

liahgen Sun 16-Aug-09 22:19:26

how about vouchers to pay for a Doula? wink

Bit of a nightmare to organise but I love a good baby shower.

NewbeeMummy Mon 17-Aug-09 13:51:30

My mum is very keen on having one for the older generation friends - I didn't think baby showers were the done thing now, but anyways each are contributing a square of fabric with their own design on, which will then be made into a quilt for baby.

KirstyAnn Tue 18-Aug-09 23:38:31


Thanks for all the tips! It's next week but I've managed to find some thank you cards on ebay and some bags for favors. I'm going to make up a selection of Lush bath bombs and personalise them with little thank you labels.

I've given hints on books and music for the baby and perhaps some new pj's for me - just realised I might need some nice new comfy (non-maternity) ones after the baby is born.

Vouchers are a great idea, but I can see how some people dont like to do it as its like giving money but they would be really useful.

I'm really looking forward to it now

Snowfalls108 Wed 19-Aug-09 19:17:35

Hi KirstyAnn,
I'm being thrown a baby shower on Saturday, and like you I've got all the essentials I need. To those who've asked what I'd like, I've said cute things. I know that I've always loved going into baby shops and looking at lovely little outfits, toys etc. All the things that I can't really afford, but will be lovely to have. Everyone has seemed excited about that.

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