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Help! Big boobs small back

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bunnyrabbit Wed 14-May-03 10:38:21

I'm so sick of hearing people say how happy they are to have a 'decent' bust now they're pregnant.
I was a 30HH before I got pregnant and am now a 32J (25 weeks). Dread to think what I'll be like by week 40!!!

Everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't wear an underwire, 'cos I'll get problems with mastitus (sorry can't spell). But Maternity bras seem to come up smaller in the bigger sizes, so I have a 32K nursing bra which I sleep in, but this is too small on the cup and gives me about as much support as a wet hanky! There's no way I could wear something like this for work, or anywhere in public for that matter.

I've oredered a 32L from bravissimo, but am not hopeful this will be much better.

Any advice, or similar experiences, would be greatly appreciated.

motherinferior Wed 14-May-03 10:43:50

Are you anywhere near somewhere where you can get decent fitting/advice?

I was actually advised by the lovely bra ladies in a nearby M&S not to buy a maternity bra but a sturdy supportive over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder one, which has been great in my last and present pregnancies. Mine is an M&S regular one, and I'm afraid mine's in an E cup and I don't know how big they go up - but the point is that a good non-wired one (I think the point about wiring is also about your breasts getting bigger and bigger, plus risks of blocked ducts etc) may be a much better bet than something calling itself 'maternity'. See the nursing bras thread as well...

steppemum Wed 14-May-03 11:42:06

I'm afraid I wore my underwires right up until I gave birth. They fitted well, lay flat under the arms and between my boobs. They were so much more comfortable than any of the maternity on offer, which didn't seem to give me support where I needed it. (I went up to a G cup). Now I'm nursing and I HATE nursing bras, I want a nice underwired one! All non underwired ones seem to ride up my back, and sag too much, and the band underneath is always too hot!
I think problems come from bad fitting.
I have found that House of Fraser stock some of the lines in Bravissimo (although not necessarily in the biggest sizes) but it gives you a close up of what they look like.

motherinferior Wed 14-May-03 11:54:06

But if you go and try to get a nursing bra before you're about 38 weeks staff do tend to get a bit sniffy with you (not particularly HF this, anywhere I think) and tell you to come back, which is a bit of a catch 22...

pie Wed 14-May-03 11:57:13

In America they actually make underwired nursing bras....I have noticed that it is only hear where you are told to not wear an underwired. I'm not sure where you can get what you are looking for bunnyrabbit, but I would think its ok to wear an underwired as long as it fits properly so doesn't cut into you bossom.

beetroot Wed 14-May-03 12:14:16

Message withdrawn

bunnyrabbit Wed 14-May-03 13:22:14

Thanks for the help ladies... I will probably go to JL closer term. I don't really care what the bras look like, s'long as they fit and my knees don't hit my boobs whem I run up the stairs!!

Other problem is that bras in G cup and above are so expensive. I've never minded paying out before 'cos good bras last forever, but most of the ones I'm wearing now I'll never wear again (hopefully).

If anyone knows of a non underwired bra in a HH+ that is not a maternity bra, please point me in the right direction!!

Bobsmum Wed 14-May-03 13:41:43 (or .com - try both) do big nursing bras - same as JL. I'm 34J btw. Don't even try for maternity bras they're designed for Kate Moss. Big granny bras are the best, and underwiring is bad bad bad. Go for frequent measuring too - I went through 4 different sizes when I was pg and now I'm bf less these days I'm shrinking again.

Bron Wed 14-May-03 21:23:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wills Wed 14-May-03 21:31:26

Try John Lewis. They are the only people who have ever fitted me properly and were brilliant through my dd's pregnancy. Normally I'm a 30E however when I was measure by M&S the Lady assured me I was a 36D - suspected she was wrong when I could take the bra off without undoing the straps . I tend to go to them for help in assessing brands - different brands have different cuts, so whilst one 32K might be awful another might be lovely. Simply go in and ask to be measured, the ladies will then bring you the bras. Pregnant I don't change much and am currently wearing a 34F however when nursing my breasts "went for it" and I went up to a G/H and was probably bigger but couldn't find a bigger one in the bravissimo catalogue and couldn't get myself organised to get out the door to John Lewis. My husband delightfully calls them the "over the shoulder boulder holders" but nevertheless was upset when at last they went down.

My final thought would be to contact specialists such as Rigby and Peller which although probably very expensive will at least give you relief.


BeerBelly79 Sun 23-Oct-16 10:33:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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