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Support Tights?

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milward Thu 26-May-05 12:45:17

I'm 22 weeks & have vericous veins in my left leg on the shin, behiind the knee & on the thigh - lovely!!! Saw my doc yesterday & she says to wear support tights. But not sure what brand to go for and also how to manage wearing them throughout the hot summer. Any advice please - thanks.

babyonboard Fri 27-May-05 07:01:56

If you can i would go for support stockings or holdups as you then avoid the tightness around the bump and its a little cooler for the summer. they stock them in john Lewis and selfridges. generally the more expensive you can afford is best (unless like me you ladder them within minutes of leaving the house and can't bear to waste the money!)

milward Fri 27-May-05 10:32:12

Thanks babyonboard - holdups & stocking s would be better in the hot weather. It's sooo warm now. I also ladder tights as soon as I wear them. Not looking forward to the expense. I'll check out the john lewis range.

babyonboard Fri 27-May-05 11:37:34

if you get any sort of benefits you can get them for free through lloyds pharmacy..worth a thought

ChrissyT1 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:54:58

I also have vericous veins mainly on my thighs and have moved from support tights up to class II compression tights for the last 6 weeks. I must admit they are making quite a difference to me but still took a lot of getting use to. Apart from the daily wrestle of getting in and out of them, the only colour available was "sand" which bear no resemblance to a sandy colour.Im 24 weeks so apart from the apperance and colour (when Im wearing them, they are basically look like american tan tights), Ive also got the heat of the summer still to get through. !
One day Im sure we will look back and laugh....

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