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do you need a note to fly at any stage? and a few other qs....

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madremia09 Wed 12-Aug-09 19:44:24

hi,i will be moving back to the Uk from Spain at about 22weeks pregnant. I was wondering,the note you need to say you are fit to fly,is this for 28weeks and after or anytime?

I will need to have my 2nd lot of bloods done and an anti d injection done pretty soon after i return does anyone know how long it takes to get registered with a doc etc?
do i just walk into the local docs and say i want to register?

thanks in advance for advice!smile

MrsHappy Wed 12-Aug-09 19:52:58

Re the letter - it depends on the airline policy (check their website) but with BA you need one from 28 weeks. IME it is worth getting one from a bit sooner since the airline staff won't know how pregnant you are without it and might think you are further along.

Re a doctor, you can just walk in and register provided that the doctor is accepting new patients. If you know where you will be living you could call your PCT and find out about GPs now. Also you may well be able to register directly with the hospital midwives (they organise bloods and anti-D everywhere I have lived) - maybe call the hospital now and see what you would need to do to book with them and to arrange an appointment for shortly after you come back?

Chunkamatic Wed 12-Aug-09 19:54:22

Hi, as for the flying you need to check with the airline. Some it is 26 weeks, some it is 36 weeks so check to be sure.

To register with a doc, find the nearest one and make sure they are accepting new patients. If they are then you will need to provide proof of your address and if you have an NHS number they will ask for that, if not they may ask for your NI number, though not sure. When i registered with my new docs i was able to get an appointment on the day.

Hope that helps, Good luck!

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