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Pregnant with 4th. Doesn't feel real!!!

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holliejobber Wed 12-Aug-09 17:02:08

I am starting to get worried now. It will be my 4th baby and I am due in 3 weeks. I have hardly anything ready and cannot even imagine having this baby. Haven't talked to bump at all even.

I have never had this before with my other children and this pregnancy was planned.

What if I give birth and don't want it?

Im really scared

e3chick Wed 12-Aug-09 17:16:15

Is it maybe the case that with three already you are busy and you really don't have the time to think about being pregnant? Do you have lots of other things going on at the moment too?

While I wouldn't panic about not bonding with your baby, because that will be helped along by the crazy birth hormones, you could try and put your mind at rest by using the next 3 weeks to make some time to go inwards and focus on you and the baby. So maybe getting the baby bits prepared might help you feel a bit more 'nesty', bring in any possible help you can so you can go out and do pregnant-indulgent things, like a swim, a pregnancy yoga session, go an lie on your bed and feel your baby move and think about the birth and your baby inside you. That kind of thing.

I think you'll be fine, as I remember thinking this with my second and yet I felt an immediate oh-so-in-love feeling for her. But it might be nice for you nonetheless to take the time from now on to be more self-absorbed if possible.

holliejobber Wed 12-Aug-09 17:38:10

Thank you for the reply. Yes I do have lots of other things going on, but I always do.

I think you are right and I need to do more getting ready!!

Also it might be that no one else seems to be exctied for me as 'im pregnant again'!

hamstring Wed 12-Aug-09 22:30:01

i felt the same when i had my 4th baby 6 months ago.i didnt get anything ready, i was very worried about how my other children felt about it and in fact i felt guilty about having number 4. i didnt talk about it to anyone however all has worked out better then i could wish and the children adore him and it is great to have him. honestly i felt like you 6 months ago but its been great.

PlumBumMum Wed 12-Aug-09 22:33:18

I'm delaying having no4 because I felt that being pg with no3 flew by, we had so much going on and I never sat back and enjoyed it as much as the other 2, dh agrees,

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