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Will you/are you filling in a baby book or baby diary?

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MemoriesDad Wed 12-Aug-09 16:41:34

As parents of two children (boy 9 and girl 5) my wife and I do regret not recording more of the detail of the early months and years. Not sure that a Baby Book/diary is the answer but would be interested to know other people's thoughts on whether you think its worth it.

lazylion Wed 12-Aug-09 17:04:04

Unless you have a nanny or an incredibly good baby I can't imagine having the time to do it. I just chucked everything into a box (favourite clothes, tickets, shells, photos etc) & now my DS like to look through and talk about them.

Boblina Wed 12-Aug-09 18:00:24

Hi there, I do have not filled in a baby book for my DS but I have written a diary which I started when I found out I was pregnant. I write it because my memory is not that good and I don't want DS asking me questions and him not knowing, so when he is older he will be able to take a look. At first I wrote in it nearly every day but now that he is 2 and I have been doing for a while, I tend to do it when something different happens, someone comes to visit, we go away, a birthday. Something like that. I do do it quite detailed but it does not have to be. I must admit that it is time consuming and it is not properly done, because at times well I just don't have the time. I am pregnant with number 2 and I have not started the diary. I feel guilty but I think I will do one just a bit differently. The other thing you could do is a scrap book thing putting pictures and little notes of days out or something. Your boy could write his own special days and maybe your girl could do a picture and you could write something small on it. I am sure that people will think I am mad but I just hope that DS will like it when he is older.

Chynah Wed 12-Aug-09 19:46:49

I have been keeping a baby book for DS and keep it in a box with first babygrow etc! I do tend to find that I end up not touching it for ages and then spending an evening printing photos and catching up. It's fun though and I'm hoping it will be nice to look back on!

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