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insomnia,midwife from hell and baby karate...........

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littleladylollipop Wed 12-Aug-09 00:48:41

Anyone up and about and in insomnia land like me? sad

I'm loving being pregnant, not had any major probs or anything to moan about , apart from a little sciatica a month or so ago, and yes, ok insomnia, but today I had a stand in midwife who was so horrid I came away crying.

She changed my due date by 3 days, scribbled all over my notes and was so rude and horrid I wanted to slap her.

I'm seeing my regular in 2 weeks, but im so cross at her manner and hows shes got me up angry at this late hour worrying.....

littleladylollipop Wed 12-Aug-09 00:50:00

oh.......and my baby girl is bruce lee in training........her movements are constant and sometimes soooooo painful!

LadyOfWaffle Wed 12-Aug-09 01:00:37

What are you worried about? I had insomnia when pregnant, although TBH I suffer fom time to time anyway with it

OmicronPersei8 Wed 12-Aug-09 01:00:47

Sympathies with both the imsomnia and midwife - I'm not pregnant anymore, but I had terrible insomnia both times.. which I guess means I haven't had a good night's sleep for four years.

When I had an unfriendly stand-in I was so happy to see my regular one again. She poohpoohed everything that had annoyed me!

littleladylollipop Wed 12-Aug-09 01:35:33


well, im worried because im having a home birth, everything is ready, and you cant have one until 37 weeks which is next weds. Now she's gone and changed my dates shes saying if baby comes next weds i CANT hace a home birth.

I know its unlikely shell come then, but its worrying me.

she also said my scan date is what my midwife should go by, and when i explained that we know EXACTLY when i conceived because it was fertility treatment, she said, that doesnt matter, when in fact both my consultant, my midwife AND the sonographer said to keep the date as suggested.

She also said home births were a strain on the NHS and she hated doing them, she told me my moles under my belly button were horrid and that if i needed a C section they would be even worse and scar.....and to top it all off, she said I had a big baby!!!!

CarmenSanDiego Wed 12-Aug-09 01:56:04

Wow, that's horrible. Can you request not to see her again? And maybe go back to your consultant and get him/her to override the due date changing?

By the way, you can have a home birth, whenever your baby arrives. They can't force you into hospital.

OmicronPersei8 Wed 12-Aug-09 02:01:33

I sympathise - I was booked in for a homebirth but ended up having a hospital induction as they insisted on going on my scan dates (although I explained so many times that I had a 30 day cycle etc).

I too was told I had a big baby. And my (regular) midwife just booked me in for my induction when I went +10, I didn't get to discuss it with anyone (well I did because I rang up the hospital and made a fuss).

Anyway, I still had a lovely birth experience, it was fantastic to get to meet my perfect baby.. We can have wonderful plans and I hope yours work out, but the best bit is still the baby, however and where ever they come out.

If it's any help btw, breastfeeding is great for insomnia!

OmicronPersei8 Wed 12-Aug-09 02:04:28

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have made more of a fuss about staying at home, but by then I'd tried everything to get the baby out and the induction just felt like another attempt - it took 3 hours and was pretty easy. But it was my second and DD was quick firat time too.

Longtalljosie Wed 12-Aug-09 08:08:57

What a bitch! As a stand-in, she shouldn't be over-riding your care decisions anyway, should she?

When's your normal midwife back?

Longtalljosie Wed 12-Aug-09 08:11:08

Oh, you say you're due to see her in 2 weeks - if she's back before then, perhaps you could see her next week?

And tell her what happened... I had a dreadful midwife at the ante-natal unit - I fed back to my midwife, and it turns out she was agency - I was left with the distinct impression they already suspected she was a problem and I was pretty much told she wasn't likely to be booked again...

littleducks Wed 12-Aug-09 08:12:53

cross out the date and put original back?

littleladylollipop Thu 13-Aug-09 12:52:31

thanks everyone......feeling much better now and have writeen a letter detailing it all to the head of midwifery at my hospital.

mogend77 Thu 13-Aug-09 12:55:43

Cross out the date - I agree. But if you're too honest, get your cons to do it. Definitely, arrange to see your nice midwife as soon as she's back & tell her what happened.

That behaviour is reportable imo.

KatyS36 Thu 13-Aug-09 13:22:06

Well done you re letter writing.

This treatment is completly unacceptable. I hope writing the letter has made you feel like you've done something constructive and will help other women in the future.

Having recorded it formally you are now in a position to refuse to see this midwife again. (In my experience this is extremely effective)

I hope she has a formal warning as minimum, and I think this sounds quite likely.

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