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Consultant appointment tomorrow

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Deemented Tue 11-Aug-09 21:19:39

I have my first consultant appointment tomorrow afternoon, where i get to meet the consultant who's going to be looking after me.

I know him quite well - he looked after me when i had the boys and again when i had DD, so i feel i can talk to him.

I have decided i want a home birth this time, preferably a home water birth, and i'm a little worried that he is going to be less then happy about this. DD was a vbac, and i had a 3rd degree tear, and i can see him telling me that he'd prefer me to be in hospital. My main reason for wanting to be at home is because i don't want to have to leave the kids - DD especially, as she's still BF. Also because i'd like to be more in control of my birth this time - last time they attached a probe to her head before she was born and forbade me to get off the bed. Consequently i was flat on my back and as DD was back to back it was incredibly painful, and as i suffer from chronic back problems at the moment i personally think being at home, having baby in water, surronded by my familiar would enable me to have a better, more relaed birth.

My midwife is incredibly supportive of my decision, which is helpful, but how do i go about explaining to the consultant that a HB would be the best thing for me? I'm worried that he will try and guilt trip me into being in hospital, i.e, if anything goes wrong, help would be close at hand, ect.

Deemented Wed 12-Aug-09 06:58:35


Longtalljosie Wed 12-Aug-09 08:03:48

Well, ultimately it's your choice, and what you've said there about the reasons you don't want to be in hospital you should explain to him as you've explained it there.

But I also think you should listen carefully to any reasons he gives why you should have it in hospital, and make a decision based on all the facts. He may have an excellent point you haven't thought of yet. Then again, he may not.

LittleSilver Wed 12-Aug-09 19:34:39

Can you take someone supportive and articulate with you? Not saying you are not, but it can be easy to forget points when you are in there. Have you checked out AIMS' website? You will prob find some helpful info in there.

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