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Leaky itchy boobs driving me nuts

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funtimewincies Tue 11-Aug-09 20:24:42

I'm 25 weeks pg and my boobs have started leaking quite a bit. I remember this from first time around, but I don't remember them being so itchy as a result. It's driving me insane and I obviously I can't scratch my nips in public. Breast pads stop the embarrassing patches but not the itching.

What's really annoying is that I know that it's no indicator of how easily I'll bf hmm!

Any suggestions?

longwayaway Tue 11-Aug-09 21:52:24

I've got the same thing... awaiting helpful suggestions!

funtimewincies Wed 12-Aug-09 19:13:34

I'm going away for a few days tomorrow, so it looks as if I'm going to have to take my itchy boobs for company sad!

How many weeks are you longwayaway?

longwayaway Wed 12-Aug-09 22:32:56

25, same as you!

norktasticninja Wed 12-Aug-09 22:35:31

I never had excessive itching but the bit I had was a right PITA. Cold nettle tea is generally good against itching.

norktasticninja Wed 12-Aug-09 22:36:11

You put it on the itch rather than drinking it BTW.

TXB Thu 13-Aug-09 20:22:07

I'm 22 weeks and have had the same, leakage & itch. I found that Clarins moisture rich lotion worked... it didn't irritate them and gave them good moisture and stopped the itch. The leaking is driving me crazy tho! blush

funtimewincies Tue 18-Aug-09 20:49:06

Thanks for the replies (sorry I've been on holiday). Gave in and bought breast pads in the end, this is going to cost me a fortune! Might give the nettle tea a go as the only cure I've found so far is to 'milk' them a little blush, which is quite unpleasant.

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