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Anyone else waiting on an amnio result?

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JenJam Wed 25-May-05 22:42:26

i was given a 1 in 2 risk of DS through the integrated test. on Tuesday i had an amnio and should get the results on Friday. emotions are all over the place. shock, upset, worry, fear. is anyone else in this situation right now or been through it? what happened?

also...and not sure if I'm imagining tummy was becoming quite hard as if a melon was inside before I had the amnio, i noticed this eve it feels soft and squidgy...could my waters have broken without me knowing (ie. could they have leaked out during an ordinary pee). I'm 16 weeks (so i guess there wouldn't be that much??)

Mum2girls Wed 25-May-05 23:14:02

JenJam - never had amnios with my 2, so no experience - just wanted to say please try not to worry (easier said than done I imagine). The change in your tummy is highly unlikely to be your waters breaking - most probably gas!!!!

Fimbo Wed 25-May-05 23:33:22

JenJam - I had an amnio almost 2 years ago. I know what you are going through - every possible fearful/tearful emotion. If its any consolation my consultant said if you get through the first 48 hrs afterwards, then you shouldn't lose the baby. We paid £80.00 for the fluid to be sent to a private lab so we would have the results back after 5 days rather than 4 weeks on the NHS. All my results came back negative and I gave birth to a healthy little boy who weighed 9lbs 6oz at 38 weeks. They reckon he would have been over 10lbs if I had gone to 40 weeks!! Sorry don't know about your tummy - can you make a midwife appointment in the morning? Feel free to CAT me if you want to ask me anything else - I will be away for the next week or so, but will reply when I get back. In the meantime take care and good luck. x

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 09:50:16

thanks for responses. this is torture

Rachey1969 Thu 26-May-05 10:00:08

Poor you, sorry no experience of amnio but the change in your tummy is probably the baby moving position ie not a hard back facing outwards. If your waters had broken you would be very wet even if only leaking a bit! Amniotic fluid doesn't smell much - maybe a bit starchy, like peeled potatoes?! (not the ammonia smell of wee), it's also clear fluid (not yellow). Fingers crossed for you

suedonim Thu 26-May-05 13:21:25

I had an amnio with my last baby and it's very nervewracking so you have my sympathies, Jenjam. I wonder if the hard tummy was a Braxton-Hicks contraction? B-H are very normal in pregnancy. Good luck, thinking of you.

Surfermum Thu 26-May-05 13:35:57

I had an amnio JenJam and the whole thing was just awful - having the test in the first place and then waiting for the results. I had already had two mcs and I was taking no chances, so I went home and laid on the settee for 2 days and did absolutely nothing. The midwife knew I was really scared about it and came round the morning after the amnio to let me hear dd's heartbeat, which was very reassurring. Why don't you ring yours and see if she could do the same. Don't sit there worrying, phone her or the unit where it was done and have your mind put at rest.

That's a very long time to wait for results - mine was done on a Monday and I had the results on the Fri and that was on the NHS. They phoned me at work with them, which now I think was a bit of a bizarre thing to do. Anyway there were no problems detected and dd is now a gorgeous, lively two year old.

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 14:14:00

yes they plan to phone me at work with the results i am sitting here at my desk quaking, i have nausea and dioahrrea (sp?), my heart is racing with adrenaline whenever my mobile rings or whenever my partner flashes up on instant messager (I assume he has telephoned and has the result). I'm getting to the point where I am too scared to get the results becuase I know that that it is it if's bad news that would be the end, the possiblity of good new would be no more. I keeping swinging wildly from one end of spectrum to the other. i don't know how i feel about either option of the two routes I have to choose from. this is high stress/high anxiety, my head and heart hurt.

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 14:14:43

before someone says it i am going home at 3.30 pm to be with my partner

Fimbo Thu 26-May-05 14:16:02

Lots of Luck JenJam xx

bundle Thu 26-May-05 14:16:20

jenjam i don't think they'd give anyone else except you the results. we had a provisional good result after 48 hrs but i was still v fluttery until we got the proper all-clear. good luck, xxx

Fimbo Thu 26-May-05 14:19:56

At my hospital the partner was allowed to phone up/be informed of the results

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 14:20:06

i thought the proper result came after 48 hours...are you talking about the karotype? which comes after 3 weeks?

bundle Thu 26-May-05 14:21:01

we had pcr after 48 hrs, proper count of chromosomes after about 10 days. depends on how long it takes to grow.

bakedpotato Thu 26-May-05 14:29:58

JenJam, I've had an amnio too. I won't forget what that wait was like. Lurching from hope to awful despair. The adrenalin/panic you describe really takes me back.
Do you have to be at work tomorrow when the results come through? I took some sick leave but ended up doing a bit of work from home that kept me occupied but didn't require any real concentration. My mum kept me company, I wanted someone in the house, but I wasn't really up for talking.
(We had good news.)

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 14:35:25

what was your risk factor bakedpot

bakedpotato Thu 26-May-05 15:38:40

Risk fairly low, from blood tests. But we had 2 'soft markers' for DS picked up at 20-wk scan.

Rachey1969 Thu 26-May-05 15:42:38

Sorry to butt in ladies but if you were pregnant again, would you have the amnio again?

bundle Thu 26-May-05 15:44:39


bakedpotato Thu 26-May-05 15:45:44


Thomcat Thu 26-May-05 15:49:03

hi JenJam, sorry you are going through a worrying time.
I have my own personal views on testing/amnios/Down's syndrome but I'll keep those very private and I just want to let you know that i have a little girl with Down's syndrome and if you want to ask me anything, talk to me about stuff Iam here for you, in a very non-judgemental way, I promise. I'll just talk to you about my DD and about raising a child with DS, what it's like, if you feel the need. You can email me through mumsnet if you like.

Please try not to be scared. DS really isn't that bad babes, honestly, so don't panic. if it turns out bubs does have DS and it's not for you then so be it, but meanwhile don't get yourself in a state honey. I hope you're both all okay, but just keep calm, take deep breaths and try not to panic/worry/stress.

i'm here if you need me.
TC x

Surfermum Thu 26-May-05 15:49:09

Probably not.

Thomcat Thu 26-May-05 15:54:19

i'm not having hte tests this time round.

JenJam Thu 26-May-05 18:14:53

After a good weep of relief, we can't stop grinning at each other Thank you all very much for listening / being with me on this anxiety filled day.

Thomcat. I would like to say to you that your entries (in other places on this site) were a great source of comfort to us last night. DP and I were both sat in front of a laptop until 12 pm, one of us searching internet/mumsnet for experiences of termination/termination regrets, another searching for good and bad experiences of bringing up DS children. Your accounts of your life and your little lottie made us feel much less frightened...we looked for the pic of you in your jumpsuit/lottie on the DS association website but couldn't find it perhaps they updated it.

Had we had a positive DS result today i was planning to get in touch with you to help decide what would be best for us. Are you in London? and aren't you also due in Nov??; think we should organise a november southeast/london meet at some hope to meet you sometime soon.

bundle Thu 26-May-05 18:18:12

does this mean it's all fine?

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