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strange dreams in pregnancy

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Just remembered my dream i'd had last night which made me wake DH to confirm it was just a dream......Im only 16 weeks pregnant so i do hope they dont get wierder!!

went to local town, saw his car, 3 normal wheels and 1 teeny little wheel. He was on the backseat on his mobile phone talking to someone calling them babe. I confronted him, got his phone accused him of an affair and he sped of! I was devastated and heartbroken crying in my sleep. He then knocked on the door wherever i was (i have no idea) and in walks DH with another man and a baby little boy with blond fluffy hair!? So I say 'oh so your gay and having an affair!' and in walks a woman. Turns out he is father to this womans children, the other guy is her partner and hes having an affair with them! Then i get told they also all have a daughter together called Picachu!? WTF!
I then ask him how many children he has and he says doesn't know, he's like to see how many he can have!? shock

Woke up, woke DH told him all about it, whilst crying i was sad, so he repeats it to me and made me laugh! Baby called Picachu......
No reason at all to be suspicious of my dh we have a great relationship.
Anyone else had strange dreams, tll me they dont get odder please...

MyPetSnail Tue 11-Aug-09 13:57:23

I'm 18 wks, and I've been having some really weird dreams as well.

Apparently it's pretty normal. I wondered if your body is getting ready for being 'on call' for the baby all night so you don't go into such a deep sleep. I heard somewhere that you remember dreams just when you're waking up, and if you're anything like me the loo calls a fair bit at the min grin

dal21 Tue 11-Aug-09 14:12:49

Iate - you are not alone.

My dreams are in no way as upsetting as yours, but they are unsettling nonetheless. I have now had sex with three different directors (in my dreams obv!) since falling pregnant. Am 17 weeks.

I may not wake up crying, but I regularly have meetings with them all and I swear that I cannot look at them for about a whole week afterwards without blush!
My only saving grace is that they are all rather fine looking! grin

Laura233 Tue 11-Aug-09 15:31:32


No you are not alone... I have had some very weird dreams... including having sex with one of my old teachers!!

I have also had a few nightmares and other random dreams... more involving sex than normal and never with my husband... it must be something to do with hormones or something.

As My Pet Snail says with getting up to go to the loo alot, you tend to dream when you are in a lighter sleep which I tend to find is once I have been to the loo.

I think it is perfectly normal... but it can be very strange at times.

I am 16 wks pregnant... hope yours is going well

Me7 Tue 11-Aug-09 20:19:50

I'm 31.5 weeks and have had pretty vivid nightmares/dreams from few weeks in. Apparently as MyPetSnail says it's quite normal-I've read this and been told this by a doc.

I've dreamt about the Father of my baby dying and more recently him murdering his best friends wifesad?!

I had another mad one that involved the town I work in becoming a complete ghetto and someone stealing my shoes-I then ran barefoot in the rain and bought the perputrators soul in a box. When I smashed the box open it contained a pair of babybootiesshock.

I also had a random one bout going out with a patient from a surgery that I work at...

I often wake up upset or confused, but I try not to dwell on it. When you read the above it is quite amusing in retrospect.

Our minds hold so much and pregnancy is a big change, so try not to let it worry you..

Hopefully my freaky dreams will reassure you along with the other girls ones that you are not alonewink...x

AngelDog Tue 11-Aug-09 21:27:09

I'm 18 weeks in, and the other week I dreamt that I gave my friend's children (who are 12 and 14 and were present at the birth while I was pushing out a baby who was the same as the eldest was when she was a newborn...bizarre or what???)

Other variations are finding I'm married to someone completely different, even though I have no recollection of even having met them before. Or flirting with some random bloke who's quite nice, only for my husband to come along, when I realise I had forgotten I was married.

I've been married 8 years, so you'd think I'd have go the hang of it by now, eh?

Must be the extra loo visits, I reckon.

laurawantsababy Tue 11-Aug-09 21:34:53

My weird dreams happened just after Michael Jackson had died - I had all sorts of weird dreams about him and would wake up thinking about him and singing his songs in my head!

Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 21:38:35

When i was PG I was worried about breastfeeding...

I dreamt I gave birth to a baby FERRET and I had my boob out trying to latch a wiggling ferret onto my tit hmm grin

AngelaCarleen Tue 11-Aug-09 21:41:50

I dreamt a couple of weeks ago that my dh wasn't the baby's father, the dream was so real I woke up having palpitations and thinking it was real (impossible, have only ever been with dh), took me ages to calm myself down. Luckily dh is away with work or I think I would have been confessing shock

Last week I dreamt that when I had the baby I thought it was really ugly, didn't like it and tried to shove it back hmm, going to have to stop eating cheese, at all, I think.

Glad I'm not alone though grin

MrsMc82 Tue 11-Aug-09 21:43:49

Hi iate remember you from the ttc anti testing thread! Glad everythings going ok for you... I'm 17 weeks now - only feels like 2 mins since i was obsessing about peeing on sticks (though that may be cos i kept testing just to make sure up to about 8wks!!!)
your dream sounds mad but its awful when you wake up thinking its so real - i woke up cross with dh few weeks ago as had dream i'd cheated on me too!
Best weird dream so far was one where i became best friends with a very bright pink flamingo! More wtf!!

littleladylollipop Wed 12-Aug-09 00:53:35

I'm 36 weeks and have been having horrid nightmares!
The worst one is that i keeo getting kidnapped and they perform a c section and take my baby.....i wake up or usually get woken up because im shouting or crying!

The other one i have, is my mum shouting at me because ive put the baby somewhere and I cant find it!

I know these dreams are fairly normal, but its so horrid!

BlackLetterDay Wed 12-Aug-09 01:21:33

God yes, I dreamt I had a baby, that I was carrying around in my coat but it kept changing into a puppy. Lots of dreams of huge toddler type babies and other really random rubbish.

Anyone else woken up crying? I dreamt that I hadn't got a part in a school play and actually woke myself up crying, another one of dp cheating on me had the same outcome hmm

littleladylollipop Wed 12-Aug-09 01:38:24

oh yes. i wake up crying or yelping most nights! It's got to the point i dont want to sleep but am so tired.

I have terrible insomnia so when i do go to sleep its horrid to wake up with night terrors!


Thandeka Wed 12-Aug-09 09:09:07

AngelaCarleen I had exactly the same dream yesterday it really really freaked me out especially as the "real father" was trying to stab me as he knew but I didnt and he was someone who bullied me in primary school. It was horrible!

Loads of sex dreams too grin

wow gosh glad to hear im not the only one! sorry i posted and ran actually went to work!

Loving your stories i think your right it must be preparing for the sleepless nights! Loo breaks are very frequent for me through the night now and dh gets slightly frustrated whilst watching a movie when i have to go about 4/5 times!

Funny about sleeping with other people in your dreams, i've slept with 2 of DH friends, both of which are not good looking in any way at all,(very vivid dreams and i mean vivid without tmi!) blush i've told DH this when ive woken he thinks its all rather amusing! I have a very supportive DH grin
Pregnancy does strange things hey!

Anyone had any wierd cravings yet? Mine is cheese and onion crisps sandwich with chips and brown sauce inside too, oh my god its divine!! and meat meat meat!!!

grin Hi to Mrsmc 17 weeks already gosh time is flying for us hey! smile

Thandeka Wed 12-Aug-09 09:52:23

Thandeka whispers-
I had an hour long dream about DH's penis- just his penis- but it wasn't his penis (doesn't look like that in RL) really although it was his in my dream. Then there was semen on the walls and it had little faces in that were singing too me!

So so very disturbed!

lol thedanka thats funny!! grin singing semen with faces! that will keep me chuckling all day! lmao

Bettymum Wed 12-Aug-09 11:16:55

We've just had a discussion about this in the April 2010 thread. Some of us have been having horrible horrible dreams - dead babies, miscarriages, dead bodies, nuclear bombs...

aww betty sorry to hear that! perhaps its because your all feeling so anxious and scared at the moment? sorry if i sound totally out of order by saying that... Just thats how i was at the beginning.

I hope your dreams become nicer and happier for all of you sad

Thandeka Wed 12-Aug-09 12:02:33

Ooh I had a nuclear holcaust dream too and nobody would help me find DH and it was horrid!

Funny how alot of the dreams seem on a theme!

Bettymum Wed 12-Aug-09 13:06:55

Yes, I want a singing semen dream tonight

1mum1 Wed 12-Aug-09 19:28:34

I too am constantly having vivid, overly-detailed & exhuasting dreams. Every day I wake up and say to my husband thank god that night's sleep is over. I don't overly worry during the day - it's as if it's all coming out at night.

The strange thing is I used to get the same thing on the week leading up to my period. What a bizarre life we women lead with these hormones rushing around making us squiffy!

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