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What stage of pregnancy was your babies heart beat detected?

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devotion Mon 10-Aug-09 20:30:21


Had to have my blood pressure checked because at my 10 week scan the top number was 118 but for two readings after that it was 140 and then 137.

Had it checked today and luckily it was 110. So i think it didnt help that the last time I had it done my children were jumping all over the gp's room anc climbing on my lap.

I also had to have my urine checked for an infection because they found a trace of protein in it and I have been experiencing some pains in my lower stomach, last week they made me double up but they seem to have gone now or i have the odd one.

My urine cam back fine which i was pleased about but i said to the nurse i was worried about the pains and if it was linked to the baby and because i am 16 weeks this week i asked if she could try and listen to teh babies heart beat to put my mind at rest.

she tried for ages and could not find it at one point she tried to convince me that my heart beat was the babies but just looking at my face she knew i didnt swallow it because it was so slow. she was just trying to make me feel better and after said its just too early.

i'm sure other people on here heard theirs earlier. i heard my last babies heart beat at 17 weeks and this is my third so you would have thought you could hear it even earlier.

the nurse did not seem concerned but i am especially because i had those pains!

i dont know what to do now and feel like i am being silly if i go back. plus my next app i will be 18 weeks so thats another 2 weeks away before i see my midwife.

when did you hear your babies heart beat?

am i worrying for nothing?

thank you

devotion Mon 10-Aug-09 20:38:37


sherby Mon 10-Aug-09 20:41:30

I would phone the EPU if you have one, or call your doctor in the morning for an appt if you are really concerned.

If the midwife was ok about it it probably is fine, but you could get checked just for your own piece of mind.

I really don't want this to sound rude so tell me to feck off if you want, but are you overweight at all? My midwife told me it is harder to find hb in overweight women than in thin ones.

mummyto2boys Mon 10-Aug-09 21:10:05

16 weeks is hit and miss whether you hear the heartbeat really -which is the reason midwives should not really listen in to the heartbeat until around 24 weeks.
obviously if people have had babies before they tend to ask if they can listen, but really it is kind of horrible for all involved if there is nothing to hear -it just panics the mum, and the midwife is unable to refer for a scan now because of acting outside of policy etc.

i really hope that you can hear it next time -speak to your midwife about your fears. book yourself in next week if you need to if it is causing you a lot of stress ((((((()))))))) hugs hun.

can you feel it move yet?

devotion Mon 10-Aug-09 22:49:54


no i'm not overweight... well i have been eating alot with this pregnancy

normally slim, was 9 stone in May and now 10.2 shock its because if my horrible all day sickness. eating is the only thing that helps!

last week i did think i felt some flutterings and little poking feeling but at this stage you never really know until you get a good kick! with my other two it was about 19 weeks.

i think i will try speak to a midwife tomorrow. mine is away this week. but i guess they will think i am being silly and just tell me to wait a few weeks.

devotion Tue 11-Aug-09 22:19:40


difficultdecision Wed 12-Aug-09 09:20:14

I'm 16/40 and had a bug all week so tried to listen in to baby yesterday and couldn't find it. I could find it from 10 weeks easily and am a doctor and know what I'm looking for. This morning it is loud and clear again so I've put the monitor away.

If it was a nurse and not a doctor or midwife I wouldn't expect her to be able to pick it up as it is not something most do routinely. Our practice nurses certainly wouldn't be able to.

Speak to the midwife and explain your worries but please try not to worry too much, If the pains return please make an appointment to see your GP themselves even if just for reassurance as it is obviously worrying you a lot.

devotion Thu 13-Aug-09 19:00:06

difficultdecision - thank you!

it was a nurse and not a midwife and now you say it she was acting a little funny and was talking herself through it like, "right, gloopy stuff goes here, thats enough, right next we put this here ..."

she did not want to do it and only did it because i pestered her. she did say that she didnt want me to get upset if she could not find it.

although i would have preferred she has told me it was not something she normally did and then i would not have stressed so much.

i am feeling better about and i have moved my next mw app to next thurs plus i felt quite a few fluttery feelings last night which i recognise from my other two pregnancies so i'm hoping that was baby telling me he/she is still there.

thanks for your message x

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