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Holiday Tips Please!

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xfingerscrossedx Mon 10-Aug-09 19:55:45

Hi all

I am currently 15+1 and off on holiday this week to the South of France. Still feeling nauseous and have horrible taste in my mouth so looking for any tips to combat this. Also, did anyone take anything useful with them which helped them survive the heat successfully? Am taking the hue list of things I can/cannot eat with me... just in case I forget anything. Am probably being horribly paranoid, but I'm a first timer. Any ideas would be great!

Thanks x

Sn0wflake Tue 11-Aug-09 04:10:19

I can't think of anything that good.... loose cotton clothing, keep drinking water, hope you are near a pool or the sea.

When I went to France I wasn't too anal about the food...but then I'm vegetarian so there was only cheese left on the bad list so I decided that I'd cut myself some slack. French women eat soft cheese while pregnant. However you must do what you feel comfortable with.

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Tue 11-Aug-09 05:17:39

My Dr got me to take some low dose asprin to help prevent blood clots - but I had a very long flight. Other than that I would make sure you have some snacks in your bag for the flight, be careful of the sun (you can burn more quickly and go all patchy) and enjoy (what I am guessing is) your last 'relaxing' holiday for awhile!

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