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Dreamgeni pillow and sleeping positions

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Thingiebob Mon 10-Aug-09 18:45:33

I know that the accepted advice is to sleep on your left hand side but having had an operation some years ago which results in sleeping on my left side very uncomfortable, I just can't do it. I usually end up waking up my back as well. It's worrying me quite a lot each night when I go to sleep.

I wondered if anyone else had this problem?

I've seen a dreamgeni pillow on sale but wondered if it was any good. Anyone used one before?

Hopeful2 Mon 10-Aug-09 19:10:55

Thiniebob I do have a dreamgeni & I do use it but I can't say whether I find it any more comforting than just placing a pillow between my legs! I know it has supports each side of my belly & I spose yes it does assist with feeling more comfortable than not having anything. I struggle at the moment anyway with really bad leg cramp & getting comfortable is not an easy thing. I often wish I could lay on my back but there's just too much weight from bump which isn't meant to be good for you.
I would do whatever helps you have a friend who has one they no longer use, just to try it out, before paying what I think is a rather high price for a bit of padding. Or try just using pillows & see if this helps. Or get some advice from your midwife due to the Op you had, they may have some other suggestions...

Thingiebob Tue 11-Aug-09 18:22:38

Thank you for responding. I think I will get a dream genii but will get a secondhand one. I agree it is a lot of money for some padding!

breakingnews Tue 11-Aug-09 19:27:55

You could try one of the mothercare support pillows which are cheaper. I've got two one for each side of me (I don't have a partner in the bed too which does help with the space). I've found them good and a lot more comfortable to sleep with one than not... although sleeping is generally uncomfortable for me at the moment - turning over really hurts etc...

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