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Velamentous cord insertion - should I be worried?

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Ravgirl Mon 10-Aug-09 15:32:49

Hi there, I went for a scan last week and was told I had a velamentous cord insertion (ie the cord goes into the membranes of the uterus before entering the side of the placenta instead of the middle). I'm now worried sick that a) the baby won't get enough nutition / oxygen and b)I'll bleed during labour or something will happen to the baby. I'm 21+3 and this is my first baby. Should I be worried and has anyone else had this and gone on to have a normal delivery?

Ps. I've scared myself stupid with google ( a bad plan to google medical things I know) so thought I'd come here for some sensible and more balanced discussion.

Many Thanks!

penona Mon 10-Aug-09 15:40:19

I think (will check later) this is what my sister had. She definitely had vasa previa which I think is a complication arising from what you have. She had a planned section at 35 weeks and now has a lovely, healthy 2 yr old, everything went fine. She is pg again and it has not recurred and is planning a VBAC.

Have they talked to you about birth plans etc? Which hospital are you at? My sister's hospital was v good about the whole thing and helped her chose what to do. Although a little scary, if it's identified at the 20 week scan I think the odds are you will be OK.

Oh and google is awful for medical things!!

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