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Help - Quintuplet pregnancy

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Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:14:23

I have just found this forum - I need some support! I have a 13 month old son and have just found out I'm expecting again. Was getting v big v fast so had scan today to show Quintuplets due end of December. What the hell am I going to do?? How can I cope with this many children (I'm 21 and we have no family around). How will we afford it (DH is a self employed gardener and I'm a SAHM). Am scared DS is going to be overshadowed too. And how am I going to carry 5 babies for long enough for them to be healthy? Dr thinks bedrest from 24 weeks - but what about ds? This is madness it can't be real. DH is overjoyed but i don't think reality is sinking in yet. Please help me stay sane and think straight....

Flossam Wed 25-May-05 18:17:37

OMG! Congratulations!! Have no advice about what to do, plan or think but try and feel some pleasure with it too. It will be bloody hard work but four times the joy! Will follow your story with interest, and welcome to mumsnet!

Flossam Wed 25-May-05 18:18:04

I mean 5 times the joy, sorry!

MarsLady Wed 25-May-05 18:18:58

ummmm............. hi! Welcome to Mumsnet. I only had twins so can give no advice but rest as much as you can and here's hoping you go as long as possible. Good luck

Distel Wed 25-May-05 18:20:12


Hope all goes well. No advice sorry, but wanted to say hello.

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:21:36

Thanks for the welcome. I take it no-one has experience of 5 babies and a toddler??

Flossam Wed 25-May-05 18:22:01

Just read your response on the other thread, bit confusing having two! I think SS give support and help you out with multiple births. Could you talk to sure start in your area to see if they will offer assistance to help to cope?

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:22:59

Sorry I wasn't sure where to put it so was hedging my bets.

noddyholder Wed 25-May-05 18:27:08

SS will help with a nurse/helper my friend only had twins and a toddler and she got help.Five babies is highly unusual and sometimes baby manufacturers will donate things It sounds like hard work tbh but in a few yrs time i hope you will feel blessed after the tiredness subsides you are unique!Revel in it

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:29:20

Other thing am worried about publicity. Really don't want it all over papers etc like girl recently having quads esp because there is complicated family history and we can't let dp's family find us.

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:30:20

DH rather. Am new to all these terms and getting confused. Trying to type and look at acronym list at the same time. praps would be better to type in full until i get used to it

noddyholder Wed 25-May-05 18:31:24

will be hard to avoid with 5 babies though You will have to make it clear because multiple births often make the press

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:32:06

I know. I'm not sure how to stop it happening though.

monkeydo Wed 25-May-05 18:33:09

surely the press finding out with the least of your problems with 5 babies and a toddler

Lonelymum Wed 25-May-05 18:33:30

Crikey! This must be a first for Mumsnet! I don't know what to say Quinty! Presumably you are going to get lots of medical advice about this and I am sure you will get loads of practical support when the babies are born so don't panic too much. Your ds will adapt, don't worry. They adapt better than we adults do. Gosh. I am speechless! Congratulations!

Distel Wed 25-May-05 18:34:03

If it puts your family in danger then the police can stop them printing details.

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:34:06

Doctor has also discussed reduction with us today. Part of me thinks it would be sensible part of me can't bear the idea of killing some babies for the others.

SoupDragon Wed 25-May-05 18:34:08

Janh Wed 25-May-05 18:34:24

Well, congratulations!

I was going to try to find the quad story for you, Quinty - I think she has an older child too? Should have known you'd already know about it. Fat chance of no publicity I would have thought - people are always fascinated by big multiple births. What did they say at the scan re support for you?

I was thinking about the Walton sextuplets too, they had an older child and I didn't get the impression that she was overshadowed - overwhelmed sometimes maybe! I wonder if you might be able to get in touch with them?

Hope all goes well for you all, exciting but scary!

Lonelymum Wed 25-May-05 18:34:58

Has doctor told you what the chances are of ending up with all five? How many other women have done this?

beansprout Wed 25-May-05 18:36:39

Best wishes to you Quinty. That must be a very difficult decision to make. Hope you are ok, this must all be a bit of a shock!

Janh Wed 25-May-05 18:38:41

Graham Walton's website - there are contact details.

(They didn't have an older one according to this...who am I thinking of then?)

Quinty Wed 25-May-05 18:41:35

Thanks. Dr just said he would refer to specialist. I didn't take much in I was a bit shocked. He thinks I should be able to carry them long enough with bedrest at the end though but thinks they have a better chance if we reduce to triplets.

Can't imagine carrying 5 - 1 baby was very uncomfortable!

noddyholder Wed 25-May-05 18:42:51

were you having fertility treatment?

Lonelymum Wed 25-May-05 18:43:11

Quinty, I am sure there is help you can be given from social services. Presumably they can help before the birth as well as after it. I know the Walton family had help for some months. I remember watching their story on TV.

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