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twins & size of belly

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victoriascrumptious Sun 09-Aug-09 20:59:42

Hi, i'm about 12 weeks and I am the same size that I was at about 20 weeks with my last baby. Is there any relation between early belly size and multiple birth?

victoriascrumptious Sun 09-Aug-09 21:00:13

Sorry- should say I havent had a scan or a MW appointment yet

KembleTwins Sun 09-Aug-09 21:01:57

Don't think so. I didn't realise I was having twins until the scan - nearly fell off the bed with shock! That said, I then got HUGE. If the 1cm per week of pregnancy rule counts, I was pregnant for well over a year... grin I have heard people say that you get bigger with the second than you did with the first though. Maybe it's just that.

victoriascrumptious Sun 09-Aug-09 21:02:55

Thanks KT x

Egg Sun 09-Aug-09 21:05:08

When I was pg with twins nobody even believed me as I never got really huge. At 12 weeks I don't think I even looked pregnant at all (found out it was twins at 8 weeks).

I remember sitting on the beach at 16 weeks pregnant in a bikini and wanting to tell everyone I was pg with twins as my belly was just a bit flabbier looking.

My twin pregnancy was my second one, and I was small with DS1 as well.

laurawantsababy Sun 09-Aug-09 21:06:17

I was massive at 12 weeks. Im 15 weeks now and look about 7 months pg.

This is my 2nd pregnancy and there is only one!!

dairymoo Sun 09-Aug-09 21:14:23

I didn't show at all with my DTs until about 18 weeks but have heard that it's common to show a lot sooner (and bigger, to start with) second time round as your tummy muscles are often a little less tight and your body just seems to know what do to, IYSWIM.

l39 Mon 10-Aug-09 07:58:05

Can you work out where your fundus is? At 16 weeks with twins my height of fundus was 23cm - well above the navel. Books say it's not supposed to reach the navel until 20 weeks. I could feel it as I lay in the bath.

This time I'm pregnant with just one baby. I'm huge and yet height of fundus was exactly what it's suppposed to be (cm for each week) until 29 weeks when it went up to 32cm (probably just due to position of the baby).

From about 12 weeks with twins I felt as though I had a large solid ball in my abdomen (which I pretty much had) - even though I'm big this time I haven't had the same feeling, which I assume came from the very speedy expansion of the uterus at the end of the first trimester.

My twin pregnancy was my third.

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