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due in the next few days - lets use power of mind...

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dabihp Wed 25-May-05 16:13:26

lets go all hippy, and 'uhmmmmmmmm'

all toghter now 'uhmmmm'
"where are my f'cking contrzactions????"

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[POSITIVE ENERGY]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Pruni Wed 25-May-05 16:15:28

Message withdrawn

dabihp Wed 25-May-05 16:17:59

LOL- I appreciate the thought , but I have a 2.5 yr old climbing on me and pulling my hair as i TYPE....

highlander Wed 25-May-05 21:25:07

and, puuuuuuuuush!

good luck!

dabihp Thu 26-May-05 08:09:06

lol, need cramps first!!!

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