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Just found out I'm expecting my second...but seem to have forgotten everything!

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Kerry197 Sun 09-Aug-09 16:44:43

I have an adorable two year old, and am just 4 weeks pregnant with my second child - and although this was planned...I suddenly feel v. ambivalent about it all, and seem to have forgotten everything (I thought!) I knew about this whole tiny baby malarkey!. I was having lunch with a friend (NO kids!)who kept asking 'interested ' questions, like 'What stage does such and such happen at?' (I couldn't recall!). Also, all my memories of having a very young baby seemed to be bad ones (unsleepy child, sore nipples, feeling exhausted and weepy all the time..) She then said "why are you doing it all again, then..?" - and I burst into tears! I seem to have lost all confidence all of a sudden, and I don't know why. Remind me, everyone, WHY do we do this again...? I look at my two-year old, and feel all melty - but I remember now that I didn't actually enjoy the tiny stage very much. As Penelope Pitstop would say - 'Hiyulpp!!'

Ladyem Sun 09-Aug-09 16:52:11

It's probably the hormones kicking in and making you feel all tearful and stressed!! Don't worry, remember that the beginning is hard, but it goes by so quickly that before you know it yo'll have two of the little blighters to run around after!! And you said that you only have to look at your 2 year old and you can see that it is all so worth it.

I'm 36 weeks and my current worry is 'why on Earth am I putting myself through labour again!!'

I wouldn't worry about what stage they do certain things, either, as the more babies I see, the more I realise that they all do things in their own time. I'm sure it all comes flooding back and if not, well we got through it once, I'm surer we can do it again!!

Take care and good luck with your pregnancy!!

mogend77 Sun 09-Aug-09 18:02:57

"Remind me, everyone, WHY do we do this again...?"

Because when they first smile at you it's the most precious thing ever. And they have the tiniest little feet which you can nibble & kiss, and the tiniest little hands which rest on your chest while they are feeding/sleeping. And they fall asleep on your shoulder all curled in a ball.

SemperEadem Sun 09-Aug-09 18:19:35

mogend77 smile. You are making me broody!

Kerry197 Sun 09-Aug-09 20:11:17

Thanks, folks - I know, I KNOW it's worth it...I've just been bathing my wee one...and it was hilarious. (We were taking turns being Santa Claus, complete with big, bubble-bath beards and very loud 'Ho Ho Hos'..)She's utterly gorgeous, and the very centre of my life. However, I'm getting the collywobbles because I don't think I was a 'natural mum' (whatever that is!), and it took a while for me to get over the shellshock of a new baby, and start enjoying her. Also, she was a nightmare sleeper, and to be honest, we've only just started a series of unbroken nights. I'm just scared to start all over again, (including labour, Ladyem - good luck with that in 4 weeks' time!), but hopefully, this time next year there'll be two of 'em, and I'll wonder what the fuss was about...

Thanks, everyone - but am I the only person to throw a wobbly at a second pregnancy...?

mogend77 Mon 10-Aug-09 09:14:56

Throwing wobblies in all pregnancies is parr for the course & completely the pregnant woman's prerogative!

starynight Mon 10-Aug-09 09:21:43

i agree with mogend77. my seconds 3months old now and waking up to her little gummy smile makes my day. my oldest is 5 and i was really panicky that id forgot it all but as soon as you bring them home it all sort of comes rushing back without you realising u never actually forgot at all.

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