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Now I wish I hadn't wandered in to Google

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dizzymare Sun 09-Aug-09 00:07:04

sadOn Tuesday I've got my first consultants appointment, because it was found my twins are sharing the same placenta. Ok, so I thought I'd have a quick look at what to expect, seeing as ds was straight forward so it's all new to me. Now my mind is full of cs and ttt, and managed to scare myself before I've even got there. I already knew I'd have regular scans and stuff, but there's major mention of elective c-sections. This is the last thing I want, I had no idea it could mean something like that. If that happens it makes things so much more complicated. God I'm dreading it all.

If anyone can set my mind at rest or tell me to not be so stupid I'd really appreciate it. There's no way I'm going to sleep now!

MintChocAddict Sun 09-Aug-09 00:15:18

Step away from Google.

You'll always come across the worst possible case scenario and extreme cases. Remember that google often contains the thoughts and experiences of non medically qualified people. I don't know anything about your condition so can't help there, but your consultant will be an expert on it.

Try not to worry. I'm sure your consultant will be able to answer all your questions, address your concerns and hopefully put your mind at rest.

Good luck and sleep well.

mammalovesit Sun 09-Aug-09 00:18:26

Hi Dizzy Don't know if this helps as I have never had twins! but have had 3 emergency c-sections and one elective, due to previous sections and uterus being too scarred for natural delivery. To read back thru my birth plans now! No drugs, no c-sections!! but had it not been for a fantastic sonographer an amazing team of midwives, consultants etc I would not have my 3 beautiful children. c-section is a 6 week recovery and with twins you will need all the help offered, though saying that after my 4th section, we drove 240 miles when I was 5 weeks into recovery, and all well to share a family holiday! What is your biggest worry? the mentioned c-section or ttt?

dizzymare Sun 09-Aug-09 00:23:19

Both of them, because it's late and quiet and I'm feeling cross with myself now for being so stupid. But hindsights a wonderful thing isn't ithmmI've got antenatal depressions as well so tbh it's all a bit much tonight. Why do I keep doing this to myself, I only wanted a bit of info and reassurance, but instead I've made myself in to a state.

mammalovesit Sun 09-Aug-09 00:35:13

It's easy to say don't worry.....but i can imagine it's so hard to be you at this time. Whatever decisions are made, will be made for the health of you and your unborn babies, take care and try to rest x

Trudi2009 Sun 09-Aug-09 04:20:26

Hi dizzymare
My twins share the same placenta too. I'm 24 weeks so I may have had a chance to ask more questions than you. But I did a similar thing at 12 weeks and googled myself into a paranoid wreck with TTTS and everything else. You do have to be a little more careful and make sure you stay hydrated etc but at the end of the day there's very little you can do to prevent TTTS, it's rarely caused by anything the mother does so there's no point worrying yourself to death.

According to my doc, you also don't have to elect for a c section. That decision will be made just before you give birth as it depends on how the twins are lying. If they both have their heads down then there's no reason why you can't have a nornal vaginal birth but they are going to twist and turn a million times before that so you just don't know untill closer the time. If they are lying weird the doc may try and turn them or advise you to have a c section. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed I dont have a c section.

But generally, the good thing about getting checked regularly is that it does give you piece of mind but after your 5th or 6th scan you will be totally chilled out and sick of the site if the hospital and your doctor

l39 Sun 09-Aug-09 07:44:30

Hello dizzymare. I have 8 year old identical twins who shared a placenta. I am glad that I didn't have an internet connection at home until just before they were born, I would have been terrified by what shows up on Google! I had all the scans, and they were both perfectly fine.
I hope your consultant is OK with natural birth, but having a caesarean is not that bad, honestly. I had one twin vaginally and the second by caesarean at 37 and a half weeks. (We knew in advance that the first twin was head down and the second transverse but hoped twin2 would either flip after her sister was born or the registrar would be able to turn her. As it turns out neither was possible but I am glad to have experienced the labour anyway as it was quick and comparatively easy. There are 27 minutes between the girls.) I was groggy for the first day (general anaesthetic) and needed help for the first week or so, but I'd expected a caesarean to be much more painful and debilitating than it actually was.

Good luck with your pregnancy.

2to3 Sun 09-Aug-09 11:05:20

Hi - I have ID twins who didn't share a placenta, so can't help much with that; however do check out the message boards at and - you'll find lots of women there in a similar position to yours who will be able to reassure you. Avoid any ptentially upsetting posts though!

The best advice I ever got was from a consultant who had had twins herself - I was panicking abut vanishing twin syndrome (happens before 12 weeks - I found out at 6 wks that I was preg with two). She told me there was nothing I could do and that you just have to be totally Zen about it and take one day at a time. Difficult to do with depression, I know, but avoiding the big scary perspectives could possibly help a bit?

As for c-section - I had an elective at 38 weeks and it was a really good experience because I felt in control. Try not to worry, keep talking about how you feel, and ignore any compulsion to google scary twin stuff!

dizzymare Sun 09-Aug-09 13:04:21

Thanks ladies, I feel a bit stupid now blush, but actually hearing your experiences will hopefully help me the more I read them. Bloody googlehmm

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