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The Roaring 40s- We're a bunch of old windbags!

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duchesse Sat 08-Aug-09 21:07:52

Here tis.

<Sits back and waits to see if anyone new will join, or if they'll be put off>

dawntigga Sat 08-Aug-09 21:17:17

Bookmarking this


EachPeachPearMum Sat 08-Aug-09 21:23:38

Oooh- have you pooped yet Duchesse? was wondering about you the other day... smile

Tee2072 Sat 08-Aug-09 21:24:22

I think its excellent, duchesse.

I missed it, why is dawntigga pouting?

iris66 Sat 08-Aug-09 21:29:12

Hi all - just logged on to MN for the first time in ages and see a new thread already! (love the title duchessesmile). Sort of back on track but not caught up yet so bookmarking this to keep up. N still nocturnal (ouch) but gorgeous and piling on the lbs. Will catch up as much as I can and post soon. Have to sleep now. Take care all

heron22 Sat 08-Aug-09 21:48:17

hi all just popping in quickly. how are you all? duchesse love the new thread! grin

i am having a wonderful time, absolutely recharging my batteries. DH has been looking after 2 boys since fri lunch time. i am off relaxing. had fantastic massage yesterday, the knots on my back! well, all gone now. had pedicure too. and shampoo and blowdry today. was suppose to go home today. but felt like staying another night and DH said that i should. so here i am. about to go to bed. it was so wonderful to have time for myself. but starting to really miss my family. esp my little baby.

had my boob size properly measured. i have been wearing wrong bra size! i thought i am 36C but actually am 34E. so no wonder boobs always look squashed and flat. and of course not getting support. now i got new bra. my boobs look better under my clothes.

so bought some new underwire bra with matching knickers! feel better already. am determined to get rid of bras i have at home.

now just have to lose the extra 10kg i am carrying and will be back to normal!

bye all. will catch up on all happenings when i get home tomorrow afternoon.

ps: at around 6.30pm this afternoon, DH was quite cross and cranky (like i get) cos he said LO would not settle. he also said that he's had no time to himself all day. and is so tired! grin i had to keep my mouth from saying, now you know how i feel! but i did not say that. i just said, i know it is a tough time of the day!

i think my being away has given him a much better idea of my days and nights!

Us mums need medals!

duchesse Sat 08-Aug-09 21:54:40

EachPeach- working on the premise that you meant popped rather than pooped grin, not yet, no. Am pretty much 39 weeks- kiddo looks like staying put for another couple of weeks though!

duchesse Sat 08-Aug-09 21:56:30

heron I could do with losing about 10kg as well. I fear I may have a distinct advantage over you in this race though...

EachPeachPearMum Sat 08-Aug-09 22:15:43

blush yes... should have previewed!
V exciting though smile hope you are well.

heron22 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:16:37

duchesse that you do grin! how are you doing?

duchesse Sun 09-Aug-09 07:38:58

Thanks ladies, am very well, just rather heavy and cumbersome. And have to get up in the morning when my hips can no longer take it, rather than when I've had enough sleep, but hey-ho- there's a baby at the end of it! One I never thought I'd have. So I have much to be grateful for.

dawntigga Sun 09-Aug-09 07:50:05

Waves to all.

The problem with Sam sleeping through to 0500 is that I can't get back to sleep afterwards. Still did some housework and dp got the poonami this morning, just a small flood


johnworf Sun 09-Aug-09 08:51:21

Nice shiny new thread duchesee smile Hope JJ isn't too miffed when she gets back! She will go off galivanting though wink

heron sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. Glad that you've recharged your batteries. Good for you!

Well, madam was up at 3.30am this morning wanting milk. DH saw to her and she went straight back to sleep. I'm sure this is because she won't eat much solid food during the day. It's really bad now. As soon as she sees the spoon then she purses her lips really tight and that's that. I've tried everything to tempt her to no avail. She has her own finger food that she eats about 5% of and the rest is swept onto the floor. Now she seems to be topping herself up with milk. At least she's having something I suppose. I wouldn't be too bothered if she was a chubby baby but she isn't. And now she's moving around and expending more energy I'm hoping she won't lose weight.

We are having fun with the 'no' word. She knows what it means. So when she is trying to stick her hand in the dvd player and I say NO, she turns around, gives me that defiant look, a shriek then carries on regardless hmm

Lovely day here again today. Not sure if it'll last so plan to get the bedding on the line and dried before any rain might come our way. smile ROCK N ROLL!!

Tee2072 Sun 09-Aug-09 09:41:17

Morning all.

Not too bad of a night, but so much for the 'if he goes to bed later he'll sleep longer' theory. He went to bed at 10, after being up for a bit, still woke up at 0150! He went back down fairly quickly, unlike his mother who couldn't get back to sleep. hmm

In other news, our landline went completely dead last night. Virgin has tested the line its fine. I bought the phone less than a week ago. hmm We are going to buy another cheapo phone today to see if the line is okay, but I am going to be pissed if its the phone. Did I save the receipt? Of course I didn't. So I doubt Argos will take it back.

JW no suggestions on getting K to eat, I'm afraid. They always say they'll eat when they're ready, so try not to fret too much. Not so easy to do, I know.

Everyone have a lovely day!

johnworf Sun 09-Aug-09 09:55:41

Oh no tee what a ball ache re the phone. You're right, Argos are really funny about taking stuff back without a receipt. I'm one of those saddo's who keeps every receipt she gets in a file. I think I might even have bus tickets in there from circa 1982 sad I hope you get it sorted out in the meantime.

I know that K will eat when she's ready (and hungry) but you gotta have a fret for the day haven't you? wink

Tee2072 Sun 09-Aug-09 10:14:11

Absolutely JW. Mine is this darn phone!!

ermintrude13 Sun 09-Aug-09 10:42:39

Morning all on this lovely new thread.

heron Sounds like you've had a great time, hope it carries you over back into normal life.

JW I have a niece of 4 who scarcely seems to eat anything and never has - when weaning she was v fussy and stuck solidly to milk, and still drinks a lot of cow's milk. But she never eats a full meal, just grazes on little bits and bobs. She's slim but full of energy and v healthy - maybe K is from the same baby stable.

Tee The phone thing happened to us a few weeks ago but we knew it was the new phones and not the line because an old handset worked. DH had lost the receipt (the day after buying them!) but took in the print-out of our bank statement which showed the payment to Asda and when they said - but that's for £more than the phones suggested they trace the receipt on their system to double-check, at which they blanched and let him exchange the phones. Maybe Argos are stricter, but if they don't believe you they should check the transaction which can tell them you did indeed get them from there (or, because that's a bind, exchange, if not refund).
(Then, wierdly, the lines went dead again and this time it was Virgin! But they came out the next day and sorted it).

Hanging washing out - such a joy after all these grey days - sad I know grin

johnworf Sun 09-Aug-09 11:06:41

ermintrude I too have sheets and nappies on the line on what seems to be the last of the sunny weather today (if the Met Office are to be believed). Rain is coming to us tomorrow.

Seems JJ dropped lucky with this weekend. Huzzah!

DD#1 took an item back to Argos without receipt and they told her 'no receipt, no refund'. They also said they wouldn't accept it back unless it was in re-saleable condition hmm After much negotiations, she ended up with a credit note. I think this is what is known in the trade as 'the small print'.

As for slimness, I guess it is something not to be sniffed at coming from one who has struggled with her weight all her life. My DD#1 is 8 stone and eats like a hungry horse. Always been slim and was exactly the same build as K when she was a tot. Praps she'll follow her big sister? Glad to hear that your niece is similar and is sprightly with it.

Finished the Sadie Jones book and enjoyed it until the last page. What a let down. Onto 'Random Acts of Heroic Love' next grin

heron22 Sun 09-Aug-09 11:35:41

jw ermin i am really refreshed. so here's hoping i will stay refreshed for at least a day when i get home! will let you all know how long it lasts for! maybe time to reach for that big bottle of valium eh? grin

it is another lovely sunny gorgeous day!

just packing up and will check out soon. then going shopping for a bit. then off home. told DH will be home around 3pm. hard to believe that i am only a few miles from home and yet it is a world away. did not wake till 10am this morning! rang DH and he said he woke at half 6! he he he! he sounded tired but trying to be brave! told him that he is doing such a great job, i can definitely take off for a week next time grin he did not say anything to that!

also, seems that LO has dropped the 10.30pm 11pm feed. so will try continue that tonight!
am really missing my LO.

jw it is hard when LO dont want to eat. but like u said, at least she is drinking lots of milk! my DS1 really did not eat much solids and dranks lots of milk until he was nearly 2 yrs!!! he is now 5 and is strapping and strong (touch wood!)

mrsboogie Sun 09-Aug-09 15:12:29

heron everyone should do what you have done - then the blokes would appreciate what they do all day every day. You should make a regular thing of it. Everyone's a winner!

jw it's so hard not to get uptight about the eating thing, I know its the wrong thing to do but I get wound up when D won't eat sometimes. What I have discovered is that he is not fussy about what he eats but when he eats, he will have 2 bottles between 5am and 8am and will not on any account eat breakfast. After his nap he will eat anything you give him - this is the easy one. Then you have to be very lucky to catch him in the afternoon for his tea window when he will eat but only if it is at a a time known only to him. Finger food is a no no unless it is those chunky organix carrot sticks which he loves. It is a rare day nowadays that he eats three meals and yes he does make up the balance with milk.

I'm not worried about how much he eats or him losing weight - just that he will become a fussy eater which would drive me insane.

We are always having problems with our Virgin service. Always breaking down.

Tee2072 Sun 09-Aug-09 15:34:13

Its official. Its the phone line, not the phone. And so now we have to coordinate the person who has the key to the phone cupboard (whomever that might be now that they've gotten rid of our concierge) with Virgin coming out to sort the line........this could be a long process. Thank god for mobiles, IM and skype!!

Maybe we should just kill the landline.....

dawntigga Sun 09-Aug-09 17:19:05

Images of Tee in full on horro movie mode taking an axe to her landline


johnworf Sun 09-Aug-09 17:49:09

Ah, Virgin are indeed an enigma. Make the rules up as you go, think of a number and double it and all of those types of things hmm

I've decided that K will eat when she's in the mood and that could be anytime depending how she's feeling. She'd live solely on Organix snacks but I'm not sure that'd be a very good diet.

Just got back from M&S looking at new dining tables and sideboards. They are bloody dear I tells ya! I might have to sell another kidney on Ebay..DH's turn methinks. hmm We've seen the one we both like and agree on but DH wants to price up 'cheaper options' before we commit, which is fair enough. I know I'll get the one we both like. He's just employing delay tactics but I am patient smile

dawntigga Sun 09-Aug-09 17:56:08

Hola, fountains of knowledge or know it all baggages choose your poison<VWEG>

I need a mobile arm that allows you to swap out the mobile and will rotate the mobile itself - preferably with either no noise or the ability to turn off the tinny horrible racket music. Anyone know where I can get just that or a cheap mobile like that? Have had a look on ebay but they all seem a bit hmm


mrsboogie Sun 09-Aug-09 18:46:19

errrr....I'm afraid I didn't understand a word of that dawntigga

/waits for someone else to decipher complicated technological postings

jw have you looked in John Lewis? Cheaper than M and S I shouldn't wonder. We got a v good sideboard there, reduced from £799 to £400. I don't think I have ever been able to afford to buy an item of furniture from M and S.

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