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fake tan during pregnancy

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dandycandyjellybean Wed 25-May-05 13:47:19

anyone know whether it's okay to use fake tan? midwife at the hospital was unsure and said perhaps not to be on the safe side, but didn't know if it was a bit like hair dye, i.e. lots of health professionals seem to say no but most women use it with not ill effects? would love to know whether i've got to spend the whole summer looking pale and interesting, (as well as big and blobby!)

Nat777 Wed 25-May-05 20:33:34

I have had a spray tan and that was fine, obviously they checked it out first and the tan only sits on the first couple of layers of skin so there was no problem. I cant see that the home one's would be any different, but am not 100%

If you were thinking of doing a home tan, surely the tube would say not to use if pregnant? Then again that isnt always accuarte as sometimes they just say it to cover themselves.

Sorry I cant help more!

aloha Wed 25-May-05 20:35:18

I wouldnt' think twice. Used it myself. After all, you use makeup don't you.

hotmama Wed 25-May-05 20:38:03

I did when pregnant with dd - got St Tropezed at a salon - they wouldn't do the spray though as I was pregnant. Also, had highlights, got waxed etc - necessity in the summer IMO.

LooneyLaura Wed 25-May-05 22:33:39

I asked about this the other day.

Lady in FastTan shop wouldnt let me in whilst pg or breastfeeding. Said I had to double check with Doc about the breastfeeding bit though. Something to do with microwaving the milk!

As for the spray tan. Apparently it's ok, but it only lasts a few days!

I've had highlights and intend on having eyebrows done, legs waxed, etc. Due in 3wks and cant bear the thought of being all hairy for the summer!!

dandycandyjellybean Thu 26-May-05 16:39:58

thanks ladies, that's what I thought. thank goodness!

edodgy Thu 26-May-05 16:45:26

ive heard that they contain too many chemicals but i was wondering about using Fake bake as thats made with all natural ingredients.

TeriS Thu 26-May-05 16:56:41

I asked my widwife this a couple of weeks ago and she said it should be OK... still a bit unsure though...

Glad it's not just me trying to cover the white legs up!

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