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What were you advised to eat when pregnant with twins?

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e3chick Sat 08-Aug-09 17:24:12

I haven't had anyone say anything about my diet during this pregnancy (twins) so have just been eating what I feel like, but trying to get my 5-a-day and trying to get as much iron in there. But I have recently been reading Elizabeth Noble's book and she recommends upping protein intake to 130-150g per day, which for me a nearly vegetarian is a massive amount and I am nowhere near getting enough, in fact to eat as much as she says makes me feel stuffed and bloated just thinking about it.

I am worried that this is standard as all the US websites/books seem to advise similar diet changes. Whereas I really did think you should just listen to your body whilst trying to be healthy - noone mentioned anything.

What were other people in the UK told, if anything? I don't feel I have gained the right amount of weight either - according to the books as at 18 weeks I have only gained a stone, but I think that might just be the websites/books making me worried unnecessarily.

2to3 Sat 08-Aug-09 20:11:30

I think you are right about the books making you unnecessarily worried. I ate whatever I wanted during my twin pregnancy, which meant often and usually healthy (though sadly, there was a lot of cake involved and I'm still paying for that!). I was prescribed ferrous sulphate iron tablets at around 13 weeks which I continued to take until after I gave birth, but was not told to up my food intake in any specific way. If you feel lightheaded or faint you should see your doctor, but as long as you listen to your body and eat sensibly I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.

londonlottie Sat 08-Aug-09 20:42:41

Message withdrawn

LargeGlassofRed Sat 08-Aug-09 20:49:54

I've just had twins, I wasn't advised to eat any more than usual I put on about half a stone by 20 weeks and total of 3 stone by the end.
Dts are 6 weeks now and have about half a stone still to loose,

londonlottie Sat 08-Aug-09 22:17:21

Message withdrawn

GodzillasBumcheek Sat 08-Aug-09 22:22:28

<This is ancient history but> i ate whatever i could hold down, which involved copious amounts of porridge, ginger biscuits, cakes, and the odd chicken McSandwich. After the first half of the pg my diet went almost back to it's normal not too bad self.

The twins were fine btw, and both ginger (did the biscuits have an effect or was it just Nana's DNA?)

e3chick Sun 09-Aug-09 10:19:22

Londonlottie, you see in my current state of mild anxiety I am jealous of your 2 stone weight gain! According to another book I got from the library - written by a Dr Caroline something - twins mothers should gain 40-50lbs by the end of the pregnancy! Well I'm nowhere near that but you are, so just relax that your babies are well nourished hopefully will stay put till they are full term as a result.
Where did you get the protein shake from? I bought a protein bar from boots yesterday and it was revolting, but if the shakes are ok I might just have one of those a day and try and keep the rest of my diet balanced.

LGOR that's quite uneven weight gain isn't it, depending on how many weeks you went to it could be 2lbs a week for the second half. Maybe I'll do that.

Godzilla grin I am not sure but I suspect it must have been some rogue ginger genes in you!

Roll on my scan on Tuesday as that will at least confirm that I still have 2 in there...I can't really believe it any more as it has been so long since the 12 week scan.

londonlottie Sun 09-Aug-09 10:33:18

Message withdrawn

londonlottie Sun 09-Aug-09 10:35:13

Message withdrawn

LargeGlassofRed Tue 11-Aug-09 09:38:33

going well thanks Londonlottie, hard work but worth it smile
e3 I had bad morning sickness till week 18 and went off so much food. By week 20 I was back to eating normally plus loads of cakes grin

firsttimetwins Sun 16-Aug-09 16:17:15

I also have an American book that says you should look to gain about 50 lbs by the end with twins, and I'm a good bit short of what it says you should have gained by the stage I'm at with twins (26+4, started the pregnancy at a normal weight). I'm living in Germany, where the materntiy care is very good, and they weigh me every appointment and haven't said a word. I think the best thing to do is to ignore the books unless they say you're doing the right thing! Am a bit worried about my diet being too high-carb cause I was borderline in my gestational diabetes test and have to redo it, that's the only thing (anyone have any experience of this?). Haven't had any advice on upping protein intake either (I don't eat meat either) although have been trying to make an effort. I think your attitude of listening to your body is the healthiest one to have!

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