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can anyone recommend.............

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mummy2t Sat 08-Aug-09 09:06:41

a decent double pushchair!!! i have a 17month old who i would prefer to be forward facing as he loves to watch the world go by but for the baby i would like her to be facing me. i have seen some tandem that are just to long and or heavy for me. can anyone recommend anything??

Deemented Sat 08-Aug-09 09:24:47

Yes - a first wheels city twin!

I'm going to get one of these for my two - and the best bit IMO is the fact thaat both children can either face you, away from you, or one facing, one outward.

I've done a bit of research on it, and this has to be the most impatial review i've found.

mummy2t Sat 08-Aug-09 09:29:32

yes i have just seen something about that pushchair only prob with it for me is size, it wont fit thro my back door, i think it is one of the bigger pushchairs which is a shame as it is exactly what i would be looking for.

DeathbyDora Sat 08-Aug-09 09:41:04

I had the City Twin for a little while and couldn't fit it through my front door! So I used to leave just the chassis outside on the porch (under a bike cover) and bring the seats inside. Only good if you have a space that's secure.

I agree it's a brilliant chair for versatility but all my friends have gone for the Phil & Teds and I must admit if I were to go back in time I probably would too. You don't have the option for facing them different ways but it's the least bulky and cumbersome I think.

Still waiting for someone to invent the perfect double buggy!!

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