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Oh balls I just had an un lionmarked soft boiled egg.

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Thandeka Fri 07-Aug-09 20:58:27

I really wanted a hard boiled egg and soldiers and was all set to boil the beejeezus out the yolk cept I did the classic not boil it for long enough and so the yolk was runny and I thought sod it coz I was starving and ate it anyway (it was YUM!)! Cept they were organic eggs not lion marked and now I am a teensy bit worried. I have never ever had salmonella or any problems from runny eggs and I have been eating them since I was tiny. But silly me has now been googling...

Can we just pat Thandeka on the head and tell her how fine she will be and how she won't get salmonella and her 14 week bub is going to be fine and make it to 40 weeks.


mrsdisorganised Fri 07-Aug-09 21:03:13

You will be fine...pat pat!! Stop worrying it's not good for you!

NOTE: Don't EVER google whilst pregnant.....I have too and scared myself to death with all the things I could get. smile

AngelaCarleen Fri 07-Aug-09 21:05:05

Oh dear, never mind, it would be very very very unlucky to get ill from just one teeny egg. Anyhoo the yolk has iron and thats good for you.

Pat pat

Thandeka Fri 07-Aug-09 21:11:31

grin thanks guys!

As a penance I shall no longer be having the pasteurised bubbling hot baked in box camembert that my friend promised to cook me next thursday as a treat because I couldn't order it in a pub as they may not do it hot enough (I started a thread on that one too!) its just not worth the panic- anyhow my googling says its salmonella is only food poisoning (which isnt nec going to kill me or bub) whereas listeria (in camembert) can cause miscarriage/stillbirth.

So a reasonable google outcome. In fact perhaps eating the yolk to save me from the runny cheese was fate....

How hum now off to monitor my nausea/vom (still have morning sickness so hard to tell) and dodgy tum (am a bit squiffy anyhow at mo!) levels for next 24 hours

victoriascrumptious Sat 08-Aug-09 20:37:25

I didnt even know to look for the lion mark. Yeah i've had about 3 runny eggs this week-yum!

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