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Baby measuring big, anaemic&emotional about mat leave...

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Me7 Thu 06-Aug-09 21:47:14

This is my first post so I hope that I am not waffling on about overdone subjects, but if anyone has any advice or reassurance...
I had my 31 a/n today&babe is measuring nearer to 36 weeks, M/wife says head feels engaged. I have to go see the Consultant early next week, although she said this is a precaution. I can't help but worry. My Mother, myself and my brother were all big babies (long if anything lol) and so was my partner. M/wife said babe could just be stretched out because I am tall(5'11)..Seems logical&I have a friend that had the same thing and her lil'un was an 8lb + baby also.I work in a GP surgery so surely I shouldn't be so apprenhensive-has anyone else had this?!
I am also anaemic, just started the iron and a rash has appeared on my face not sure if this is coincidental. I have been feeling whacked and thought my Hb would be low. Those out there who have persisted with the iron-does it pick you up?
And finally lol, although I moan about my job and I can't wait to meet my baby, I can't stop crying about my forthcoming maternity leave-Is this sad or what?..I don't know it all just seems a bit much.
Thanks for reading, hope I hear from some of you x

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 07-Aug-09 12:33:16

I'm 5' 11" too but I measured ok for dates all the way through. I felt massive though and several people had commented on my size but the mw said it was all ok.

My DS was 10lb 6oz born by c-section (I tried to push him out but he got stuck.) Big babies are great - they don't flop about so much and you can give them good squeezy cuddle so don't worry. As you're tall, you're built for it so don't worry.

I was anaemic too but didn't take the tablets. I took SpaTone which is a supplement from Boots in an orange box (doc said it was ok to do this). You just pour two sachets into a glass of oj in the morning and you're done. Also useful to take after baby is born as gives you a bit of a lift.

As for the crying about leaving work, in a couple of weeks all you'll want to do is veg on the sofa so that feeling will pass I promise!! Take the time and enjoy relaxing - you won't have much chance to watch daytime tv afterwards. It's just your hormones making you cry.

When DS was here I found that, as long as I arranged to do something every day, I could cope (obviously after a few weeks have passed and the shell-shock has subsided wink) Even just meeting a friend for coffee, taking DS swimming, going to mum's etc etc - it gives you a focus. Now I'm back at work, my one day off (Wed) is so busy I don't know how I was ever struggling to find anything to do!

greenbeanie Fri 07-Aug-09 14:22:58

I measured 5 weeks bigger for both of my ds's they weighed in at 9lb15 (born at 39 wks) and 10lb7oz (born at term). I am convinced that we make babies the right size for each individual as long as you don't have something like gestational diabetes which it sounds like you don't. I loved having big babies dh found them far easier to handle than tiny newborns.

Both of my babies were born naturally by the way - 2nd labour was only 2.5 hours long!!

Spa tone as addicted to crunchies said is good for anaemia as is floradix which is also a multivitamin tonic as well as providing iron.

Try not to worry about work too much it is a huge change having a baby and changing your lifestyle and it wouldn't be normal if you felt it was going to be a breeze. Try and enjoy the time if you can - especially the bit before baby is born. If you have the chance try and book some pampering in for yourself such as a massage/pedicure etc.

Good luck smile

Me7 Mon 10-Aug-09 00:14:50

...Some good advice there, thank you ladies
I left work Friday and I am very glad about not getting up for work tomorrow morning. Have made up my mind to keep myself occupied and as you say enjoy this time to myself.

A friend also recommended Spa tone which I may try, have continued with the iron tabs for the meantime. Doc said rash was nil2do with the iron, apparently an increase in the amount of steriods my body is making. It has started to settle now..

My partner and my Mother were both 9'lb9oz babies and my brother&I were both 8lb7oz plus, so it does seem my baby may just be from family of big babies.


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