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Concieved while on Noriday - v worried.

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srv Thu 06-Aug-09 12:58:45

I conceived while taking the mini pill Noriday. The advice leaflet says that this can increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy and heart and limb defects. It says you should consult the doctor to discuss "how advisable a continuation of any pregnancy under Noriday is...". Even though this was not planned, it is not the end of the world and we now want to have this baby. I'm very worried. Obviously I will go to my doctor, but does anyone have any advice before then?


srv Thu 06-Aug-09 15:44:59

Bump - can anyone help?

difficultdecision Thu 06-Aug-09 18:04:17

Hi srv

Sorry you are having a worrying time and yes you are right - it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor sooner than you would if you had conceived deliberately.

Noriday doesn't increase the absolute chance of ectopic pregnancy but because of how it works it doesn't prevent them as well as it prevents normal pregnancies so that if you do fall pregnant there is a slightly increased risk of it being ectopic. If you develop any bleeding or one sided pain your doctor will usually want you to be seen at the early pregnancy unit to check for this and because of the noriday you should be more aware and careful if you do get any of those symptoms.

As far as the other problems go the evidence is very limited and the risk is likely to be very small if you are only a couple of months pregnant as the hormone dose would only have been small. The risks mentioned are for all hormone pills and are higher on pills that contain two hormones - noriday only contains one.

So many people forget to take pills and fall pregnant that there are a large number of babies conceived each year that are exposed to the pill in early pregnancy. All of the patients I've looked after have had normal, lovely children so if you are keen to continue the pregnancy then watch your diet, make sure you start taking folic acid from now (from the chemist) and go and speak to the doctor without worrying too much. The anomaly scans are there to check for things like heart and limb defects so make sure you go to them but otherwise, congratulations

srv Thu 06-Aug-09 18:44:18

Thank you so much for replying. I am going to see doctor tomorrow but you have put my mind at rest SO much. It is obvious you know what you are talking about so I presume you have a pretty hectic job (dr, nurse, mw etc) so thank you so so much for taking the time to answer.


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