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What does back to back feel like

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KleineMaus Wed 05-Aug-09 22:57:39

In terms of how your bump feels, not the labour, I know there's a thread going on about this already. I'm 32 weeks and I know everything could change but at the moment I'm wondering if baby is lying back to back. My bump feels quite soft at the front, sometimes with what feels like a bum wedged on my right side (so maybe side on?) but can see all the kicks on the surface, my tummy literally ripples and bounces. In many ways it doesn't matter, I'm just curious and not seeing midwife again for a few weeks. I have a sneaking suspicion that ds may have been back to back although nobody said, but I still had a nine hour labour with only 45 minutes of that at the hospital and no pain relief, so I don't suppose it made much difference.

nappyaddict Thu 06-Aug-09 01:57:58

Are you sure the kicks are kicks and not punches? My DS was back to back and i had a very small bump and didn't feel many kicks. What I did feel must have been punches with his hand.

Longtalljosie Thu 06-Aug-09 06:48:50

My tummy ripples and my baby is (touch wood) bum outwards so far. When are you due to see your midwife next, you could ask what position she thinks you're in?

olivo Thu 06-Aug-09 08:21:25

My dd was back to back but no one mentioned it until after i'd had her ( ok, they probably did during labour but i was so out of it, i didnt listen!) I was disappointed as i had done everything in my power to ensure optimum postioning.

this one was back to back at my 34 wks scan, sideways at 35 wk scan and back to back at 36 wk one. going today for 37 wks and will ask, but have just about given up. I have to say, i havent noticed thaqt much change in where i'm feeling moveoments etc but maybe a little more on my left side when he's been b-t-b and on the right when he's been sideways.

Picante Thu 06-Aug-09 08:23:02

This is a good site

weegiemum Thu 06-Aug-09 08:25:38

Babies move around a lot though, don't they?

My dd1 was anterior when I went to hospital after 7 hours of labour, but turned as labour progressed and the last 12 hours were posterior - ouch!

puffylovett Thu 06-Aug-09 08:29:39

mines just all over the place, but then it is second DC and I'm sure I read somewhere that that makes a difference ? like all your muscles are looser and softer, so babies don't engage until the last minute or something ?

I remember DS being breach up to 34 weeks, and distinctly feeling him turn. This one just still seems to constantly be somersaulting at 35. Sometimes it's trasverse, sometimes I have a bum or head wedged under my ribs. Midwife says don't worry at this stage.

arolf Thu 06-Aug-09 09:26:06

mine is back to back, but more to the right, and I'm getting kicks on both sides of my abdomen somehow. midwife reckons it's his elbows and knees I'm feeling, but good grief they are strong kicks! he's definitely bum down, head up though (am 33 weeks), and has been since pretty much the first scan, little sod! I'm hoping he thinks about moving sometime soon...

anyway, my bump feels harder on the right, soft on the left, and with a harder lump at the top which must be his head (according to MW).

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