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Whats the difference between pliko p3 liner and silvercross 3d liner?

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Kaylo Wed 05-Aug-09 09:08:46

This is not a question for myself as I'm not even pg yet but a friend of mine has been given a mamas and papas pliko p3 for impending arrival (she's not on mumsnet or I'm sure she's ask herself).

She wants to use it as a pramette for the first few months but needs a liner - will the silver cross 3d liners fit the pramette as they're almost the same pushchair aren't they?

I've asked around but there seems to be mixed views on it and I wondered whether you guys had any idea?

The only reason it's an issue is because they M&P liners are almost non-existent now unless you buy the full 2nd hand pram package - which she doesnt need cos she already has the pram. If you do find a M&P one - they're a small fortune!

I've had a look at both of the liners and can't personally tell the difference between them.


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