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Tailbone pain

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niamh29 Tue 04-Aug-09 20:27:50

Anyone else have pain in what seems to be their tailbone when they are sitting upright in a straight backed chair? I only have 2 weeks left of work but my job involves sitting in an office chair all day and after about an hour I'm in agony!! Is it the way the baby is positioned or just the weight putting pressure in that spot? Dreading the next 2 weeks!! Any hints on relieving it??

Toppy Tue 04-Aug-09 20:31:30

I damaged my tailbone in labour and sitting was absolute agony. I finally got rid of it by using a coccyx cushion - like a wedge with a bit cut out at the back, for about 3 months
Your tailbone with be being pushed back as the baby grows and drops. It is not uncommon but is very painful. Might be worth investing in a cushion now. I got mine on eBay form some other poor lady who had suffered a similar fate

mogend77 Wed 05-Aug-09 09:49:17

Hugs. Last pregnancy I worked in an office & I actually brought my mat leave forward (to very early) because of the same pain that you are describing, which I had through most of my pregnancy. It's not been as bad this time because I am a SAHM so not sitting on hard chairs half so much (although its reappearance within days of conception was one of my earliest indicators).

I chose to take mat leave early because I knew I wouldn't be going back and wanted to leave on a positive note (probably not a very sensible decision financially) but I had no doubt at all at the time that my GP would have signed me off sick to get me to the point my mat leave was due to start had I wanted to do it that way instead (which would have been more sensible, financially).

I didn't find the cushions made much diference to me. I hate to sound grim but I think the only thing that will ease it is getting out of the office so I would strongly urge you to consider asking your GP for a sick note.

It happens because of progesterone/relaxin loosening your joints.

If you really can't bring yourself to consider the sick note option, then for goodness sake make sure you can take regular (very regular) breaks to walk around and get away from the desk. Your boss is obliged by law to make allowances for this kind of thing.

I feel your pain. I was utterly miserable last time with this.

Zuzi Wed 05-Aug-09 10:37:32

I'm joining the club. The same as Toppy, damaged my tailbone during the labour, suffered from soreness all throughout this pregnancy (I'm 32 weeks now). Interestingly, it only bothers me at work. Brought my birthing ball with me to the office, which actually makes a huge difference! Possibly due to the position, not so firm under bum and also constantly moving, unlike sitting on the chair ...

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