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Bathsheba Tue 04-Aug-09 09:46:15

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with DC3.

I've had chickenpox as a child.

My 2 DDs have both had chickenpox too.

My friends' little girl has a full on case - they are being very understanding if I wish to avoid them like the plague but from my understanding I really don't need to because I've had it..

OR should I avoid them for a week anyway...?? You kow, just in case...

traceybath Tue 04-Aug-09 09:55:40

If you've had it you should have immunity - and the fact you didn't get it again when your dd's had it would indicate that.

However - unless you're desperate to see them no harm in avoiding them whilst she's contagious i guess.

My 2 ds's have just had it and i've just had dc3 which has been rather stressful as ds2 was very contagious when dc3 came home from hospital. But i've done a lot of research about chicken pox and pregnancy and newborns as a result.

sonsmum Tue 04-Aug-09 10:25:15

Bathsheba...I also think you would be ok, however may be worth checking with a dr, as perhaps it could reactivate the virus?

Traceybath - very interested in your comments on your research of chicken pox and pregnancy....what do you know?...i currently have chicken pox and am 9 wks pregnant. While risk to baby is supposedly small (seen it referenced from 0.4 - 2% in 1st trimester) if you are unlucky, the effect on baby is pretty severe, so wondering if you can tell me anything good or bad that you know....

traceybath Tue 04-Aug-09 12:18:18

Sonsmum - i found this website useful.

As you say the risks are small but hopefully you'll get some extra scans/reassurance as your pregnancy progresses.

Good luck!

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