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11 weeks pregnant and bled throughout

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MidgetGems Mon 03-Aug-09 17:43:21

Hi all
I've been reading MN daily since I found out I'm pregnant and have found out so much great info that you don't read in books!

Anyway, I'm nearly 11 weeks pregnant (my first one) and have bled nearly every day in varying amounts. I thought it might be getting better by now but it actually seems to be getting a bit worse. i have already had 3 scans and each time they tell me everything is fine and they can see no reason for the bleeding. Although this is reassuring it still doesn't feel right and I don't understand where it is coming from - any ideas?
Would appreciate any advice or other people's experiences. I know it is quite common to bleed in early pregnancy but is it normal to bleed for 11 weeks?

Sorry for rambling x

maybebaby23 Tue 04-Aug-09 07:51:21

What colour is the blood? I bled like this in my last pregnancy and it was coming from a cervical erosion. The blood was mostly light brown, sometimes pinky/brown. Could be that if they cant see a problem on the scan. Its quite common i think, and mine cleared up after birth. They said it was to do with hormones.

MidgetGems Tue 04-Aug-09 12:42:33

The blood varies from brown to bright red to brown and there is never a huge ammount. Thanks maybe glad to hear someone else has been through the same - did it continue for the whole pregnancy?

bevlin Tue 04-Aug-09 12:44:27

Hi, I bled but only for a while, as in minutes then stopped. It was bright red blood and it happened quite a few times from 12.5 weeks to 37. I had placenta previa which explains bleeding later on but not early as placenta won't be big enough to cause it. At first they thought possibly the placenta attaching then re-attaching??
When I gave birth (had c-section) however I had a double placenta (2 of everything) and it was the biggest my midwive had ever seen. It's thought I started out with twins and lost one in the very early days before I was scanned.
Point is, bleeding is common and there are so many things that can cause it. I've heard loads of times of woman who just bleed right throughout their whole PG. I hope your abaits soon as it is un-nerving. Good luck x

maybebaby23 Tue 04-Aug-09 13:08:40

Yes it carried on throughout my pregnancy. I also had bright red bleeding in this pregnancy from 10 weeks until 14 weeks and the scan showed a small sub-chorionic bleed which has now cleared up thankfully. But as your scans didn't show anything it could just be one of those things. I know how worrying it is though! Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.

Mouette Tue 04-Aug-09 13:32:18

Hi MidgetGems
I had the same thing in both my pregnancies, in the first I bled on and off from week 6 until week 12, in the second from week 9 until week 12. It was never a lot of blood, there was never any pain, sometimes it was brown, sometimes pink or red. Like you I had several scans and they were all OK. My consultant told me it was probably the cervix bleeding a bit. It was not a sign there was anything wrong. In both cases it stopped after 12 weeks.

mumnic1 Wed 07-Oct-09 21:18:01


I have bled on and off from 8 weeks and constant from 16 weeks. Now I am 22 weeks (tomorrow) bleeding everyday mostly bright red. Sometimes it gushes out esp when on the loo and I have seen clots.

Docs dont know why but baby so far is ok! Would love to know if anyone else has had this all the way through!

Beauregard Wed 07-Oct-09 21:21:55

I had this when pregnant with dd1 ,more or less all the way through.The night before i had her i bled loads and lost clots and the only thing the consultant could attribute it to was the cervix bleeding.
Not mentioned in books i was reading at the time so very scarey 9 months.

annabel229 Wed 14-Oct-09 17:49:02

I am in the same boat, only I am just 6 weeks along. Nice to hear some positive stories.
I have had serial HCG and progesterone drawn and all looks great. No scan yet because I wanted to wait until 7 weeks so that it is not inconclusive.
At first I thought I had a light period (so light that I became suspicious and took a preg test), and since the day the 'light period' began I have had pink, brown and bright red spotting, every single day. All the doctor will tell me is "sometimes that can be normal, but there are no guarantees". I am trying so hard not to worry.

Comma2 Wed 14-Oct-09 18:16:09

Annabel, that's what i had with my first, for the first trimester. It was a little bleed under the placenta.

annabel229 Wed 14-Oct-09 19:22:45

Comma2 Thanks for your reply. It helps me to feel a bit better. The relief from hearing the good blood draw results only lasts about 5 minutes then I go back to worrying! So it is nice to hear that you can bleed constantly (albeit lightly) like this and for things to still be okay.

Comma2 Wed 14-Oct-09 23:51:58

Yes, its a sickening feeling every time you go wee and see more blood. But it really does seem to happen to quite a few women and all goes well. Good luck!

stephie101 Sun 18-Oct-09 22:41:20

Hi annabel229, that info has given me some hope for tomorrow, although I'm only 3 weeks, went to the dr last wednesday as i felt my period was a bit sporadic, found out i'm i'm expecting, early pregnancy unit have said they think it's a m/c, but been going on a week now, not heavy at all and not much pain. so I'm trying to be positive, HCG levels dropped by 10 in 48 hrs, so now I'm feeling a little low..

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