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has anyone else had symptoms like this? water infection or something else?

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memoo Mon 03-Aug-09 15:37:11

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had 2 water infections in the past 4 weeks, I also have gestational diabetes.

Only finish last course of anti-b's yesterday but not feeling great.

I have pain really low down on left side of groin area and in side and back, feeling sick/dizzy, also have a really strange presure type feeling down below, not baby though.

I also have a feeling of not being able to empty my bladder properly and feel the need the wee just seconds after going to the toilet.

Any ideas

LuluMaman Mon 03-Aug-09 15:39:00

sounds liek your UTI is not totally gone

i would get some more ABs or you might need different ones

don't ignore it as a UTI will make you feel grotty and can trigger contractions..

phone MW or doctor today and keep drinking plenty of fluid

rocking back and forth on the loo and waiting a few secondnds then weeing again can help you empty your bladder more fully

memoo Mon 03-Aug-09 15:40:36

thanks lula, think i'll give midwife a ring

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