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32 (poss 33 weeks) Should I start my maternity leave now?

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pasturesnew Mon 03-Aug-09 09:52:27

Dr has signed me off for 7 days with lower back pain but that is only part of it, I have painful piles too but the main thing is such strong Braxton Hicks I can't walk without contracting and being breathless (which in turn sets off the other things).

I have been housebound for a week now and work is still hoping I will be back in the office next week but how realistic is this? I was due to start mat leave at 36 weeks.

HR are being fine, it's just my line manager is stressed about things not being finished and handed over perfectly. I'm not very pleased about this either as I know that I will get called at home by my boss if he's worried and he is a stress-monkey so would like to think I could go back in and sort stuff out properly before starting leave.

I can work from home by logging in to the office but am not sure how much I should be doing this if I've been signed off and told to rest and also because the regular pain makes it difficult for me to concentrate.

I would like to be able to go back into the office at least one day to clear my desk but given I cannot walk at all at the moment how realistic is this?

I know my employment rights position is fine but not sure what I am actually supposed to do in real life?

eleanorsmum Mon 03-Aug-09 10:01:50

Don't waste your mat leave yet! The doc will continue to sign you off if you're unwell. I was off for a week with preg 1 and then went back to work with a doc note saying i could only work 4 hours a day. meant i still got full pay and could do my bit iyswim without stressing myself out doing 10 hour days.

you could ask to go in for a few hours when you feel up to it, just to clear your desk and tie things up. I know how important that is for us when we are going to be off for a while.

pasturesnew Mon 03-Aug-09 11:35:41

Thanks, didn't know that type of doctor's note existed too. That might solve the problem, I'd rather work a bit longer if I can, there are some projects I'd like to tidy up.

I've just been to the osteopath and although my back now hurts more it feels like it has been useful and the Braxton Hicks don't feel so much like labour any more so am hoping I might actually not be housebound for the next 2 months after all.

MrsChemist Mon 03-Aug-09 20:33:51

Check your employee contract thingy. Mine states that if I'm signed off for a certain amount of time in the last 8 weeks (I think) then I am automatically put on maternity leave. Not sure if this is just something my company does though.

Jemima123 Wed 05-Aug-09 14:14:16

Ditto to what MrsChemist says. Can't remember the exact number but if you are signed off for something pregnancy related past wk x, then your mat leave automatically kicks in. I work for the lovely council (who are generally v generous with this kinda thing) and know of it happening to a teacher when she was 30-some weeks so it's not uncommon, sorry to say...

pasturesnew Wed 05-Aug-09 15:20:27

I wouldn't really mind that, to be honest, I just don't want my boss calling me about work when I am off! Have told work that I will probably start mat leave week after next (34 weeks) - I'll lose 2 weeks' pay that way but it'll be worth it if when I leave I have totally left IFSWIM?

I know my boss shouldn't be calling and e-mailing and asking me to do conf calls while I am signed off sick, but he is, so am just putting up with it as not long to go now.

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