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Has anyone given birth in Macclesfield hospital?

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JeanLouiseFinch Sun 02-Aug-09 20:21:30

I have been to the hospital for a couple of appointments. The place is very grim and depressing but in the local area a home birth seems to be the only other option. Has anyone experienced giving birth in this hospital?

FancyACuppa Mon 03-Aug-09 11:05:13

I've been speaking to a few people who have been here and most of them were very happy with the staff etc. There is a midwife led centre in Buxton, i've only just been passed this weblink myself so i've not checked them out yet but it might be another option for you?
Hope this is some help?

stellamel Mon 03-Aug-09 15:36:44

Buxton (Corbar Birth Centre) is nice, I had my booking in appointment there, it only offers pain management to pethedine level (no epidurals, C-sections) but you can attend from Macc

IzziesMummy Mon 03-Aug-09 17:10:12

I actually think the maternity dept at Macc hospital is ok and the midwifes are lovely.

I'm due to have my baby there next week, and due to pregancy complications have no other options. However, I've been very happy with the care I've received so far.

OK - so the ante-natal ward can be pretty depressing (no more so than most hospital wards though) - but that's just more reason to try and get through the early stages at home. However, the labour rooms themselves are all pretty good standard in terms of decoration and and have en-suite facilities. Two of the rooms also have birthing pools.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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