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Really need your thoughts do i have another c-section?

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mummytopebs Sun 02-Aug-09 19:50:58

Bit of background dd was born by emergency c-section 4 years ago due to pre-eclampsia and fetal distress.

I have a small cervix so was quite relieved that i didnt have her natuaralyy, i also suffer from panic attacks and cope much better if i have been through something before, all of these circumstances are making me feel i would refer a planned section for new baby.

But then i am thinking am i being a bit of a wimp and should i try naturally? I didnt find the recovery from c section that bad and 1 of my friends who had a natural birth was actually off her feet longer than me.

Any thoughts suggestions? Anyone had a section and vb? Help me decide, my consultant said it is my decision and he will support which ever i decide

growingout Sun 02-Aug-09 19:54:36

Message withdrawn

LittleMissNorty Sun 02-Aug-09 19:59:20

I ended up having an elective section the 2nd time around. 1st was em CS due to non-progression after 26 hours of labour. I thought about it all quite carefully and went for a second section. I also suffer with anxiety (and was on meds during pg) and I definitely made the right decision.

I was a little anxious just before the section but the nice drugs man gave me something to space me out - and the whole experience was calm and lovely. So much less traumatic than my first.

I didn't find recovery too bad - don't have a choice with a toddler - you just have to get on with it!

However, I'm not the type who worries about having the natural birth experience - it was the end result I was interested in. Different strokes for different folks and all that!

Good luck

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