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Am I the only one whos hair is falling out more during pregnancy?

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ellaeleven Sun 02-Aug-09 17:47:27

Have been waiting patiently for the thick, glossy mane which pregnancy is supposed to promise (I'm currently 27 weeks) but instead my hair is falling out even more in the same kind of way that usually happens a few months after giving birth sad. Theres a general diffuse thinning rather than patches but its still a bit strange, and embarrassing to be finding hair everywhere and having friends picking it off my clothes. Have had my thyroid and iron levels checked by doctor and both fine.Does anyone else have this problem and does it get better or am I alone on this blush.

HeadFairy Sun 02-Aug-09 17:50:20

I'm really noticing more hair on my hairbrush and left over in the shower when I've washed my hair. I didn't have this last time, just lovely thick shiney hair. I haven't got any patches either, just a general thinness.

maybebaby23 Sun 02-Aug-09 19:17:24

Oh my gosh!! I have this too. It happened in my last pregnancy and i actually lost a patch about the size of a 20p on the right side of my head along the hairline...but there are a few strands that didnt fall out so they cover the patch. It seems to be happening again, my hair has really thinned on the other side of my head! Its right along the hair line too Doesn't seem thinner anywhere else! You are definately not alone

breakingnews Sun 02-Aug-09 19:33:30

My eyelashes have disappeared!! Well not completely but they are much much shorter than they were pre-pregnancy.... thought I was just getting crap at putting on mascara but then looked really closely and they have vanished...

I didn't have any eyelashes, eyebrows or hair when I was born so maybe its something to do with that....

blame it on the hormones!! But you're not alone...

ellaeleven Sun 02-Aug-09 19:58:19

Thanks so much for your replies. It really helps to know that it just might be another side-effect of the joys of pregnancy wink and not some strange symptom that only I alone am experiencing.Just wondering does this mean we wont have the massive post-partum shed that those with super thick hair will experience?
Breaking News- My eyebrows are thinning as well oh joy!
Maybe baby- did everything grow back as normal after your last pregnancy? I'm also getting really thin along the hairline (while my body continues to go in the opposite direction blush
HeadFairy- you give me some really good advice on the miscarriage board last October when I was feeling a bit desperate, thankyou. Glad we're both using this board now smile.

maybebaby23 Mon 03-Aug-09 07:41:38

I didn't have the massive post partum shed after birth, i was so relieved!! My eyebrows have also thinned, im noticing everyday that more has come out!

My hair did thicken again after birth but did not grow back in the patch i lost! It stayed quite thin along the hairline but the rest seems ok.

It worries me because the patch didn't grow back, but i have read that you need good iron levels to grow hair im going to up my iron intake i think and see if it makes a difference!

Fayrazzled Mon 03-Aug-09 07:52:42

My hair thinned in the pregnancy I had with my daughter. Interestingly, it didn't happen when I was pregnant with my son- my hair was lovely and thick then but fell out afterwards.

ErikaMaye Mon 03-Aug-09 11:16:56

I haven't noticed any change with my hair at all being pregnant, except perhaps that it gets greasier quicker. I was really looking forward to the thick shiny bonnet but just hasn't happened, and am 25 weeks now, so holding out no hope any more grin

KnockedUpDelf Mon 03-Aug-09 11:45:03

Nope, not the only one. It was another clue for me that something was up.

Last pregnancy though I did get the big thick mane of hair, this time though it is dropping out like crazy, but as it is really thick anyway it isn't noticeable (at least not yet).

Mad hormones.

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