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26 +1 anemia & now blood in urine...

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Hopeful2 Sun 02-Aug-09 14:16:26


2 weeks a go I had a blood test as I was feeling very tired & looked pale. Turned out my iron levels had dropped from 14 to 10.4 & so I was put on iron tabs. Had 2 weeks off sick, but last Friday I had a strange feeling 'down below' & was convinced I had a water infection. My GP confirmed this & put me on antibiotics. Yesterday I went to the loo & when I wiped there was blood (bright red) blush. I was petrified as I had a mc last Nov when baby was 10 weeks.
I went to the hosptial where they monitored babies hb & did all sorts of other tests on me. Confirmed the cervix was shut & blood was not coming from womb / baby. The Dr thinks it was from the water infection! Told me to go home, rest, drink plenty & keep taking the antibiotics. If still bleeding in 24 hrs will need a higher dosage.
I am still bleeding when I go for a wee & wipe blush
I know Dr said it is not baby but I can't help but worry. Baby is still kicking around in there & hb was healthy.
Got to ring my GP tomorrow for another sick note & higher dosage if still bleeding.
I feel awful about work but I also know I've got to put me & baby first. I still feel quite tired but that could also be from the infection now.
Has anyone else had this or similar & can just put my mind at rest???
I never realised pg would be so hard at times, just can't wait to have little one in my arms smile

littleboyblue Sun 02-Aug-09 14:20:46

I had it with ds2. Little bits of blood floating in urine and bit on wiping.
I always get UTI's and had one constantly when pregnant with ds2. It's just where everything gets a bit swollen from infection that there's blood. As you said, they checked your cervix and it is closed, so baby is fine. If baby's movements become less frequent, I'd go to get checked straight away, but other than thet, you and baby will be just ine.
You may need a different brand of AB's. I had to try some different ones to clear my UTI.

nellie12 Sun 02-Aug-09 14:22:34

the anaemia can take months to resolve (sorry sad) so you may feel tired for a while yet. uti can cause bleeding so try not to worry about the baby they are quite resilient at this stage. BUT if you start getting strong bh or the baby stops moving then get yourself checked. And in the meantime plenty of rest and fluids. hth

Hopeful2 Sun 02-Aug-09 14:52:33

Thank you littleboyblue & nellie12 for your quick response and advice currently just feeling very low and a little scared.
Started to feel bit of pain in lower back kidney area? so i reckon i'll give the doctor a call tomorrow.
Can still feel him kicking around now.
Will just keep drinking plenty.

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