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due in one week already have a 17 month old and am dreading it

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pud1 Sun 02-Aug-09 09:02:35

my og has flew by as i dont think i have had time to think about it with having a young dd. pg was a total suprise and i feel so guilty as i have no sense of excitment. really worried that i dont actually want this baby. i dont really enjoy the newborn bit ( not sure how anyone can). did anyone feel the same and how did it work out.

wrinklytum Sun 02-Aug-09 09:22:44

hi pud.No 2 wasa suprise fr me to,we hada 2 year age gap.It is much more difficult with no pg as you say you are rushing round chasing after no 1 and don't have time to think!

I think you are having last minute nerves,IT WILL BE OK.No 2 wasa very refluxy baby and I found the first few months hard but eventually it will all come together and you will enjoy having 2 I promise (Though in initial few months I thought "What have I done!" several times a day.)Accept ALL offers of help and lower your housework standards.Remember C-Beebies is your friend wink

Mine are now 5 and 3 and are quite close despite the usual sibling spats.DS is a greatbig brother and really looks after dd who idolises him.

Good luck

IwishIwasamermaid Sun 02-Aug-09 09:31:24

I have a 13 month gap between DS and DD and DD is now nearly 1.

I found pregnancy and a toddler harder than a newborn and a toddler. DD slept all the time as a newborn so DS wasn't disrupted really, and we had no problems with jealousy as he doesn't remember a time when she wasn't here.

Now they play together and entertain each other which means I can get on with other things for a little while. I bath them together and feed them at the same time, so its not a lot more work, things just take a bit longer and I can't find a changing bag big enough for all the stuff they need!

I really felt not ready for DD and took a few months to really bond with her but it did happen, I just felt more conected to DS as he interacted more and the newborn stage seemed so lonely somehow.

I hope it all goes well, having 2 close in age is fun, honestly. People kept telling me I was 'brave' and how much work it was going to be with 2 but its not like that at all.

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