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scan to check for heartbeat on monday-worried

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tom57 Sat 01-Aug-09 14:23:59

After heavy bleed at 5 weeks where scan showed sac I have a 7 week scan on mon to look for heartbeat.Only had spotting for last two weeks but when I stand up I start getting stomach ache so have to lie down.MW's advice is take paracetamol and carry on as normal I am sure if I did that I would go on and miscarry.I can't decide if I am prolonging the inevitable or if I keep resting the pregnancy may continue normally.My gut feeling is that there will be no heartbeat as I feel exactly the same as I did with a twin pregnancy that died but retained at eight weeks.[I do have a 10 year old daughter so know what a 'normal' pregnancy should feel like]I would be really interested in the prolonging the inevitable question,and should it be bad news on mon what would be my options? I had a d and c last time.Bit worried will have to make a decision not fully informed.I did post at 5 weeks and got some brill advice-can't very well say I'll just consult mumsnet and get back to you.any advice much appreciated.

chamoiscreased Sat 01-Aug-09 16:53:45

Sorry you have to go through this stressful 2 weeks. I've just been there myself. It wasn't good news for me, but I hope it will be for you.
I do know what you mean about being prepared though. Each hospital gives you slightly different options, at mine there were 3. Surgical management (ERPC, bit like a D&C), medical management (tablets to induce miscarriage) or conservative management (wait and see). When I was told my baby didn't have a heartbeat I asked to go away and think about my options and call the ward later with my decision. This was fine with them. I chose the medical management which was the best option for me. There are lots of in depth stories on the miscarriage forum which might help you.
However, I hope you're pleasantly suprised on monday x

tom57 Sun 02-Aug-09 12:15:09

Dear chamois thanks for the post,I'm sorry it was not good news for you.As I said I'm prepared for the worst and think would poss opt for medical management and It's good to know my options.I was so unprepared last time.oh the innocence of an easy first pregnancy...

chamoiscreased Mon 03-Aug-09 17:43:04

Tom - been thinking of you today, how did the scan go?

tom57 Tue 04-Aug-09 19:38:13

Oh thank you chamois, I'm really touched.Normally friends would be great but as I've not told many people I can hardly expect support.Scan showed some growth[a foetal pole] but no heartbeat and it is surrounded by blood,lovely scan ladies said really there is no hope and it will probably miscarry before monday but legally they can't terminate it for another week after another scan.I could request an abortion but it would go down on my notes as such!It's funny I've spent weeks being careful and now I'm marching over the fields with the poor neglected dog and playing active table football with daughter who is now v confused one week she can't move me from the sofa now I'm dragging her around.Hopefully it will go naturally this week-already I don't like going too far fro the car and have developed a phobia of pale floors!Best wishes chamois if you choose to try again.yours Tommy

jbambie Wed 05-Aug-09 10:35:25

Just had to send best wishes to you. I M/C in April we both decided we would try again. We got caught nearenough straight away. I am now 15 weeks good luck andlots of love

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