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20w Scan Measurements

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PieMistress Fri 31-Jul-09 15:46:30


Am just back from my 20w scan and noticed the measurements on my records (the sonograher made no mention to them at all during my scan).

These were taken at 19w+5:
HC - 179mm (size for 20w+)
AC - 152mm (size for 20w+)
FL - 31mm (size for 19w+)

Does this mean, so far that bubs has got a big head and tummy and short legs?

What were your measurements?

mosschops30 Fri 31-Jul-09 15:51:15

Dont worry, mine were a bit like that, some things were measuring ok for dates, some slightly bigger etc.
This is perfectly normal, if they were outside normal ranges it would have been discussed with you smile

DjangoTheDjinn Fri 31-Jul-09 15:52:33

They're just averages. There are always a couple up, a couple down. Don't worry.

difficultdecision Fri 31-Jul-09 17:56:36

perfectly normal (in fact much more normal thn most I've seen, it's not unusual to be measuring a few weeks difference between some measurements)

glad the scan went ok

PieMistress Fri 31-Jul-09 19:27:47

Thanks chicks,

The Sonographer was a miserable old bag so am glad to hear you think the measurements are ok as she certainly wasn't forthcoming with info (I know she had to concentrate but she was pretty rude).


muddle78 Sat 01-Aug-09 14:02:29

my scan @ 19+5 was reverse to has small head and long legs at the mo.

hc 161.2 mm
fl 31.8 mm

at this stage babies develop different speeds grin

BlackLetterDay Sat 01-Aug-09 14:13:15

Bloody hell just looked and mine are




All measurements above 97th centile eek.

HeadFairy Sat 01-Aug-09 14:15:49

I can't remember the actual figures for ds (it was 2 years ago) but I do remember laughing (nervously) with dh that he had really long arms, and a huge head, everything else was on the 50th centile. I thought we were going to have a gorilla!

He looked nothing like a gorilla at birth (though he did have a big head) and is perfectly in proportion now.

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